Tony Wharmby

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Angleterre Nationalité anglaise

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1983 Mr Brown (TV) (The Secret Adversary (TV))120
1981 Le Mystère des sept cadrans (TV) (Seven Dials Mystery (TV))133

Réalisation de séries

Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime (Le crime est notre affaire)
1x01 The Secret Adversary09/10/1983
1x02 Affair of the Pink Pearl16/10/1983
1x04 The Sunningdale Mystery30/10/1983
Magnum, P.I. (1980) (Magnum)
7x08 Paper War12/11/1986
7x13 Autumn Warrior17/12/1986
The Equalizer (Equalizer)
2x15 Memories of Manon (1)04/02/1987
2x16 Memories of Manon (2)11/02/1987
Miami Vice (Deux flics à Miami)
3x21 Knock, Knock, Who's There?27/03/1987
B.L. Stryker (Un privé nommé Stryker)
1x02 Carolann06/03/1989
1x04 Auntie Sue17/04/1989
2x04 Grand Theft Hotel24/02/1990
2x04 Heroes24/01/1997
2x05 Crossing the Line31/01/1997
2x13 Code Blue04/04/1997
2x14 Cowboys and Cossacks11/04/1997
3x04 Blind Side14/10/1997
3x05 King of the Fleas21/10/1997
3x08 Above and Beyond11/11/1997
3x11 Defenseless09/12/1997
3x14 Father's Day03/02/1998
3x16 Chains of Command03/03/1998
3x18 Tiger, Tiger24/03/1998
3x22 Clipped Wings05/05/1998
3x24 To Russia with Love (1)19/05/1998
4x01 Gypsy Eyes (2)22/09/1998
4x03 Innocence06/10/1998
4x05 The Martin Baker Fan Club20/10/1998
4x07 Angels 3003/11/1998
4x09 People v. Mac17/11/1998
4x17 Nobody's Child02/03/1999
4x19 The Adversaries13/04/1999
5x07 Rogue09/11/1999
5x13 Life or Death18/01/2000
5x22 Overdue and Presumed Lost02/03/2000
5x21 The Witches of Gulfport25/04/2000
2x04 You Can't Hurry Love29/10/1999
2x10 Home for the Holidays17/12/1999
2x16 Do the Right Thing25/02/2000
3x03 The Good Doctor03/11/2000
3x21 Rule Number One11/05/2001
5x05 Things That Go Bump in the Night01/11/2002
5x11 The Eleventh Hour (1)20/12/2002
5x12 The Eleventh Hour (2)20/12/2002
The X Files (X Files : Aux frontières du réel)
8x07 Via Negativa17/12/2000
8x10 Badlaa21/01/2001
8x15 DeadAlive (2)01/04/2001
8x16 Three Words08/04/2001
9x02 Nothing Important Happened Today II (2)18/11/2001
9x04 4-D09/12/2001
9x06 Trust No 106/01/2002
Crossing Jordan (Preuve à l'appui)
2x03 The Truth Is Out There07/10/2002
Without a Trace (FBI : Portés Disparus)
2x10 Coming Home18/12/2003
2x16 Risen19/02/2004
The O.C. (Newport Beach)
2x06 The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't16/12/2004
2x11 The Second Chance03/02/2005
2x19 The Rager14/04/2005
2x20 The O.C. Confidential21/04/2005
3x02 The Shape of Things to Come15/09/2005
3x05 The Perfect Storm03/11/2005
3x09 The Disconnect08/12/2005
3x11 The Safe Harbor12/01/2006
3x22 The College Try20/04/2006
3x24 The Man of the Year04/05/2006
Night Stalker (Night Stalker : Le Guetteur)
1x04 Burning Man20/10/2005
1x14 The Man on the Fairway08/03/2006
2x01 The Titan on the Tracks30/08/2006
2x10 The Headless Witch in the Woods29/11/2006
2x16 The Boneless Bride in the River21/03/2007
2x21 Stargazer in a Puddle16/05/2007
7x10 The Warrior in the Wuss23/04/2012
1x20 Dead Man's Blood20/04/2006
Life (US)
1x05 The Fallen Woman24/10/2007
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS : Enquêtes spéciales)
5x07 Requiem06/11/2007
5x12 Stakeout08/04/2008
5x14 Internal Affairs22/04/2008
6x01 Last Man Standing23/09/2008
6x04 Heartland14/10/2008
6x11 Silent Night16/12/2008
6x18 Knockout17/03/2009
6x22 Legend, Part 128/04/2009
6x24 Semper Fidelis12/05/2009
7x02 Reunion29/09/2009
7x06 Outlaws and In-Laws03/11/2009
7x13 Jet Lag26/01/2010
7x16 Mother's Day02/03/2010
7x21 Obsession04/05/2010
8x02 Worst Nightmare28/09/2010
8x06 Cracked26/10/2010
8x16 Kill Screen22/02/2011
8x23 Swan Song10/05/2011
9x01 Nature of the Beast20/09/2011
9x09 Engaged Part 215/11/2011
9x14 Life Before His Eyes07/02/2012
9x24 Till Death Do Us Part15/05/2012
10x01 Extreme Prejudice25/09/2012
10x04 Lost At Sea23/10/2012
10x10 You Better Watch Out18/12/2012
10x15 Hereafter19/02/2013
10x24 Damned If You Do14/05/2013
11x01 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot24/09/2013
11x07 Better Angels05/11/2013
11x13 Double Back14/01/2014
11x19 Crescent City (Part II)01/04/2014
11x24 Honor Thy Father13/05/2014
12x01 Twenty Klicks23/09/2014
12x07 The Searchers11/11/2014
12x14 Cadence10/02/2015
12x21 Lost in Translation14/04/2015
12x24 Neverland12/05/2015
13x01 Stop the Bleeding22/09/2015
13x08 Saviors10/11/2015
13x18 Scope15/03/2016
13x24 Family First17/05/2016
14x01 Rogue20/09/2016
14x11 Willoughby03/01/2017
14x24 Rendezvous16/05/2017
15x01 House Divided26/09/2017
15x08 Voices14/11/2017
15x11 High Tide02/01/2018
15x24 Date with Destiny22/05/2018
16x01 Destiny's Child25/09/2018
16x14 Once Upon a Tim19/02/2019
16x19 Perennial09/04/2019
16x24 Daughters21/05/2019
17x02 Into the Light01/10/2019
17x06 Institutionalized05/11/2019
Gossip Girl
1x07 Victor, Victrola07/11/2007
1x12 School Lies02/01/2008
1x17 Woman on the Verge12/05/2008
2x07 Chuck in Real Life20/10/2008
2x14 In the Realm of the Basses05/01/2009
3x10 The Last Days of Disco Stick16/11/2009
3x13 The Hurt Locket08/03/2010
90210 (90210 : Beverly Hills - Nouvelle Génération)
1x08 There's No Place Like Homecoming28/10/2008
2x02 To Sext or Not to Sext15/09/2009
NCIS: Los Angeles
1x03 Predator06/10/2009
1x24 Callen, G25/05/2010
2x04 Special Delivery05/10/2010
2x10 Deliverance23/11/2010
2x13 Archangel18/01/2011
2x18 Harm's Way01/03/2011
3x01 Lange, H.20/09/2011
3x07 Honor01/11/2011
3x12 The Watchers03/01/2012
3x18 The Dragon and the Fairy20/03/2012
3x21 Touch of Death (2)01/05/2012
4x04 Dead Body Politic23/10/2012
4x09 The Gold Standard11/12/2012
4x18 Red, Part 119/03/2013
4x19 Red, Part 226/03/2013
5x04 Reznikov, N15/10/2013
5x11 Iron Curtain Rising10/12/2013
5x18 Zero Days25/03/2014
5x22 One More Chance29/04/2014
6x11 Humbug15/12/2014
6x18 Fighting Shadows23/03/2015
8x18 Getaway19/03/2017
10x17 Till Death Do Us Part17/03/2019
11x20 Knock Down12/04/2020
King & Maxwell
1x02 Second Chances17/06/2013
NCIS: New Orleans (NCIS : Nouvelle-Orléans)
1x03 Breaking Brig07/10/2014
1x15 Le Carnaval de la Mort17/02/2015
2x04 I Do13/10/2015
2x11 Blue Christmas15/12/2015
2x20 Second Line05/04/2016
3x05 Course Correction25/10/2016
3x21 Krewe18/04/2017
4x03 The Asset10/10/2017
4x04 Dead Man Calling17/10/2017
4x17 Treasure Hunt13/03/2018

Scénariste de séries

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS : Enquêtes spéciales)
7x06 Outlaws and In-Laws03/11/2009