Tom Smuts

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États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

1x04 Trial20/04/2005
1x06 Whistleblower18/01/2007
Law & Order (New York Police Judiciaire)
16x16 Cost of Capital08/03/2006
Close to Home (Close to Home : Juste cause)
2x04 Deacon13/10/2006
2x12 Road Rage05/01/2007
2x20 Drink the Cup27/04/2007
2x22 Eminent Domain11/05/2007
The Good Wife
1x10 Lifeguard15/12/2009
Mad Men
6x05 The Flood28/04/2013
7x09 New Business12/04/2015
Bosch (Harry Bosch)
1x02 Lost Light13/02/2015
1x08 High Low13/02/2015
2x04 Who's Lucky Now?11/03/2016
2x07 Exit Time11/03/2016
1x02 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln10/10/2016
1x10 The Capture of Benedict Arnold12/12/2016
2x01 The War to End All Wars11/03/2018
2x10 Chinatown13/05/2018
The Alienist (L'Aliéniste)
2x07 Last Exit to Brooklyn09/08/2020