Tom Kapinos

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né en 1969 (52 ans)

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2017 White Famous Terminée
2016 Lucifer Toujours en cours
2007 Californication Terminée
Moyenne de toutes ses séries14.13

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2019 The Dirt108
Moyenne de tous ses films15.5

Scénariste de séries

Dawson's Creek (Dawson)
3x05 Indian Summer27/10/1999
3x07 Escape from Witch Island17/11/1999
3x14 Valentine's Day Massacre02/02/2000
3x19 Stolen Kisses26/04/2000
3x23 True Love24/05/2000
4x02 Failing Down11/10/2000
4x09 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang29/11/2000
4x15 Four Stories14/02/2001
4x23 Coda23/05/2001
5x01 The Bostonians10/10/2001
5x04 The Long Goodbye31/10/2001
5x15 Downtown Crossing (2)13/02/2002
5x18 Cigarette Burns10/04/2002
5x23 Swan Song15/05/2002
6x01 The Kids Are Alright (1)02/10/2002
6x06 Living Dead Girl30/10/2002
6x10 Merry Mayhem11/12/2002
6x13 Rock Bottom29/01/2003
6x17 Sex and Violence02/04/2003
6x22 Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption07/05/2003
1x01 Pilot13/08/2007
1x02 Hell-A-Woman20/08/2007
1x03 The Whore of Babylon27/08/2007
1x06 Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder17/09/2007
1x08 California Son01/10/2007
1x10 The Devil's Threesome15/10/2007
1x12 The Last Waltz29/10/2007
2x01 Slip of the Tongue28/09/2008
2x02 The Great Ashby05/10/2008
2x04 The Raw & the Cooked19/10/2008
2x07 In a Lonely Place09/11/2008
2x10 In Utero30/11/2008
2x12 La Petite Mort14/12/2008
3x01 Wish You Were Here27/09/2009
3x02 The Land Of Rape And Honey04/10/2009
3x04 Zoso18/10/2009
3x05 Slow Happy Boys25/10/2009
3x08 The Apartment15/11/2009
3x10 Dogtown29/11/2009
3x12 Mia Culpa13/12/2009
4x01 Exile On Main St.09/01/2011
4x02 Suicide Solution16/01/2011
4x03 Home Sweet Home23/01/2011
4x05 Freeze Frame06/02/2011
4x07 The Recused20/02/2011
4x08 Lights. Camera. Asshole.27/02/2011
4x09 Another Perfect Day06/03/2011
4x10 The Trial13/03/2011
4x11 The Last Supper20/03/2011
4x12 ...And Justice for All27/03/2011
5x01 JFK to LAX08/01/2012
5x02 The Way Of The Fist15/01/2012
5x03 Boys & Girls22/01/2012
5x04 Waiting For The Miracle29/01/2012
5x05 The Ride-Along05/02/2012
5x06 Love Song12/02/2012
5x07 Here I Go Again19/02/2012
5x08 Raw04/03/2012
5x09 At the Movies11/03/2012
5x10 Perverts & Whores18/03/2012
5x11 The Party25/03/2012
5x12 Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be01/04/2012
6x01 The Unforgiven13/01/2013
6x02 Quitters20/01/2013
6x03 Dead Rock Stars27/01/2013
6x04 Hell Bent for Leather10/02/2013
6x05 Rock And A Hard Place17/02/2013
6x06 In the Clouds24/02/2013
6x07 The Dope Show03/03/2013
6x08 Everybody's A F**king Critic10/03/2013
6x09 Mad Dogs and Englishmen17/03/2013
6x10 Blind Faith24/03/2013
6x11 The Abby31/03/2013
6x12 I'll Lay My Monsters Down07/04/2013
7x01 Levon13/04/2014
7x02 Julia20/04/2014
7x03 Like Father Like Son27/04/2014
7x04 Dicks04/05/2014
7x05 Getting The Poison Out11/05/2014
7x06 Kickoff18/05/2014
7x07 Smile25/05/2014
7x08 30 Minutes Or Less01/06/2014
7x09 Faith, Hope, Love08/06/2014
7x10 Dinner With Friends15/06/2014
7x11 Daughter22/06/2014
7x12 Grace29/06/2014
1x01 Pilot25/01/2016
1x06 Longest Days31/07/2016