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Doctors (UK)
4x28 00/00/0000
4x59 00/00/0000
1x34 A Woman's Right to Choose10/05/2000
2x01 Love You Madly02/10/2000
2x18 Heroes25/10/2000
2x27 Blood Ties07/11/2000
2x57 Abuse of Power06/03/2001
2x61 Be Thankful for What You've Got12/03/2001
2x79 A Different Kind of Love05/04/2001
2x82 The Test10/04/2001
2x85 Coming Clean17/04/2001
2x96 Size Doesn't Matter02/05/2001
2x105 Passive Resistance16/05/2001
2x114 A Good Mother30/05/2001
3x04 Controlling Passions06/09/2001
3x37 Too Posh to Push23/10/2001
3x70 Loss07/12/2001
3x98 A Crisis of Faith08/04/2002
3x113 The Moment of Truth29/04/2002
3x114 Two Wrongs30/04/2002
3x127 A Game of Two Halves19/05/2002
1x24 Sins of the Mother26/04/2016
All Grown Up! (Les Razbitume)
1x05 Truth or Consequences29/11/2003