Tom Blomquist

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Hardcastle and McCormick (Le juge et le pilote)
1x17 School for Scandal29/01/1984
1x23 Scared Stiff01/04/1984
3x21 The Day the Music Died31/03/1986
Riptide (US)
1x12 Double Your Pleasure03/04/1984
2x04 Mirage30/10/1984
2x06 Father's Day20/11/1984
2x10 Catch a Fallen Star18/12/1984
2x11 Gams People Play08/01/1985
2x15 Boz Busters05/02/1985
2x19 The Twisted Cross12/03/1985
2x22 Harmony and Grits14/05/1985
3x01 Wipe Out01/10/1985
3x03 Does Not Compute29/10/1985
3x10 Lady Killer07/01/1986
3x12 The Wedding Bell Blues21/01/1986
3x19 Dead Men Don't Floss04/04/1986
The A-Team (L'Agence tous risques)
4x08 Blood, Sweat and Cheers19/11/1985
5x02 Trial by Fire (2)03/10/1986
5x12 The Grey Team30/12/1986
Stingray (1985)
2x12 Blood Money10/04/1987
Werewolf (La Malédiction du loup-garou)
1x12 A World of Difference (Part 2)26/09/1987
The Highwayman (Police 2000)
1x07 Frightmare22/04/1988
1x08 Warzone29/04/1988
Hunter (1984) (Rick Hunter)
7x22 Little Man with a Big Reputation26/04/1991
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (Kung Fu, la légende continue)
2x07 Only the Strong Survive09/03/1994
1x05 A Closer Walk21/04/1994
2x07 Echoes21/06/1995
2x08 The Lie28/06/1995
Walker, Texas Ranger
3x24 Stand Off (1)13/05/1995
4x06 Evil in the Night04/11/1995
4x15 The Return of LaRue03/02/1996
4x20 Behind the Badge23/03/1996
1x09 DNA Mad Scientist18/06/1999