Todd Holland

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 13 décembre 1961 (59 ans) • Kittanning, Pennsylvanie (États-Unis)

Todd Holland

Époux de Scotch Ellis Loring (depuis 2008)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2004 Wonderfalls Terminée

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2007 Rex, chien pompier (Firehouse Dog) 111
1998 Drôles de papous (Krippendorf's Tribe)94
Moyenne de tous ses films10.55

Réalisation de séries

Max Headroom
2x04 Dream Thieves09/10/1987
Twin Peaks (Mystères à Twin Peaks)
2x04 Laura's Secret Diary20/10/1990
2x13 Checkmate19/01/1991
Tales from the Crypt (Les Contes de la Crypte)
3x05 Top Billing26/06/1991
My So-Called Life (Angela, 15 ans)
1x11 Life of Brian10/11/1994
1x18 Weekend19/01/1995
1x03 First Impressions05/10/1996
1x04 Boggled20/10/1998
1x12 Friends26/01/1999
1x15 Love and Marriage23/02/1999
Friends (US)
5x18 The One Where Rachel Smokes08/04/1999
Malcolm in the Middle (Malcolm)
1x01 Pilot09/01/2000
1x03 Home Alone 423/01/2000
1x07 Francis Escapes27/02/2000
1x08 Krelboyne Picnic12/03/2000
1x09 Lois vs. Evil19/03/2000
1x10 Stock Car Races02/04/2000
1x12 Cheerleader16/04/2000
2x01 Traffic Jam (2)05/11/2000
2x02 Halloween Approximately08/11/2000
2x05 Casino19/11/2000
2x07 Robbery26/11/2000
2x11 Old Mrs. Old07/01/2001
2x15 The Grandparents11/02/2001
2x20 Bowling01/04/2001
2x21 Malcolm vs. Reese22/04/2001
2x24 Evacuation13/05/2001
3x01 Houseboat (1)11/11/2001
3x03 Book Club18/11/2001
3x06 Health Scare09/12/2001
3x09 Reese's Job20/01/2002
3x11 Company Picnic (1)03/02/2002
3x12 Company Picnic (2)03/02/2002
4x01 Zoo03/11/2002
4x04 Stupid Girl24/11/2002
4x16 Academic Octathlon13/04/2003
6x01 Reese Comes Home (3)07/11/2004
1x01 Subject: Fearsum06/10/2000
1x01 Wax Lion12/03/2004
1x03 Wound-Up Penguin26/03/2004
1x04 Pink Flamingos01/04/2004
1x11 Cocktail Bunny25/07/2004
Miss Guided
1x01 Homecoming18/03/2008
1x02 Hot Sub20/03/2008
1x03 The List20/03/2008
1x06 High School Musical03/04/2008
30 Rock
3x10 Generalissimo05/02/2009
5x05 Reaganing21/10/2010
Sons of Tucson (Les Gamins de Tucson)
1x01 Pilot14/03/2010
1x02 The Break In21/03/2010
1x04 Family Album04/04/2010
1x12 Sally Teel25/07/2010
1x13 Ron Quits01/08/2010
Shameless (US)
1x04 Casey Casden30/01/2011
About a Boy
1x02 About Total Exuberance04/03/2014
Friends with Better Lives
1x02 Window Pain14/04/2014
1x09 Surprises30/09/2014
1x10 Deceivers30/09/2014
1x05 Even Hell Has Two Bars04/11/2014
Red Band Society
1x10 What I Did For Love03/12/2014
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
1x09 Kimmy Has a Birthday!06/03/2015
1x01 A Stitch In Time02/06/2015
The Real O'Neals
1x01 Pilot02/03/2016
1x02 The Real Papaya02/03/2016
1x10 The Real Retreat03/05/2016
1x13 The Real Prom24/05/2016
2x01 The Real Thang11/10/2016
2x07 The Real Match06/12/2016
2x11 The Real Third Wheel07/02/2017
2x13 The Real Confirmation21/02/2017
Me, Myself & I
1x02 The First Step02/10/2017
1x03 The Card09/10/2017
4x16 Things Were Different Then20/03/2018
5x05 Good Grief20/11/2018

Scénariste de séries

1x01 Wax Lion12/03/2004