Todd Ellis Kessler

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

The Practice (The Practice : Bobby Donnell & associés)
2x08 The Means08/11/1997
2x26 Axe Murderer (2)27/04/1998
4x04 Legacy (1)17/10/1999
4x06 Marooned07/11/1999
4x08 Committed21/11/1999
4x16 Settling12/03/2000
Crossing Jordan (Preuve à l'appui)
1x06 Believers29/10/2001
1x12 Blood Relatives14/01/2002
1x03 Open Heart09/10/2002
Kevin Hill
1x06 Snack Daddy03/11/2004
1x12 Homeland Insecurity05/01/2005
1x16 Cardiac Episode23/02/2005
1x20 Through the Looking Glass04/05/2005
The Unit (The Unit - Commando d'élite)
2x09 Report By Exception21/11/2006
2x14 Johnny B. Good06/02/2007
2x20 In Loco Parentis10/04/2007
3x02 Pandemonium, Part 202/10/2007
3x11 Side Angle Slide18/12/2007
4x03 Sex Trade12/10/2008
4x10 Mislead and Misguided30/11/2008
4x22 Unknown Soldier10/05/2009
2x04 Testudo Et Lepus (The Tortoise And the Hare)04/02/2007
2x08 A Necessary Fiction11/03/2007
The Good Wife
1x04 Fixed13/10/2009
1x11 Infamy05/01/2010
1x20 Mock04/05/2010
Pan Am
1x06 The Genuine Article30/10/2011
1x04 We Live in Two Different Worlds31/10/2012
1x13 There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight13/02/2013
1x19 Why Don’t You Love Me08/05/2013