Tessa Blake

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

NCIS: New Orleans (NCIS : Nouvelle-Orléans)
2x16 Second Chances23/02/2016
2x17 Radio Silence01/03/2016
4x16 Empathy06/03/2018
5x09 Risk Assessment04/12/2018
5x14 Conspiracy Theories19/02/2019
6x13 The Root of All Evil01/03/2020
3x05 Spanking the Zombie02/05/2017
4x06 My Really Fair Lady09/04/2018
5x09 The Fresh Princess27/06/2019
Once Upon a Time
7x19 Flower Child27/04/2018
2x08 Abre Sus Ojos13/08/2018
MacGyver (2016)
3x03 Bozer + Booze + Back to School12/10/2018
Station 19 (Grey's Anatomy : Station 19)
2x03 Home to Hold Onto18/10/2018
2x16 For Whom the Bell Tolls09/05/2019
3x06 Ice Ice Baby27/02/2020
5x11 The Little Things You Do Together10/03/2022
7x02 Good Grief21/03/2024
Dynasty (2017) (Dynastie (2017))
2x06 That Witch16/11/2018
Bull (2016)
3x19 Bounty15/04/2019
4x11 Look Back in Anger06/01/2020
Veronica Mars
4x06 Entering a World of Pain19/07/2019
Charmed (2018)
2x05 The Truth About Kat and Dogs08/11/2019
4x16 Chapter Seventy-Three: The Locked Room11/03/2020
5x11 Chapter Eighty-Seven: Strange Bedfellows11/08/2021
The Blacklist (Blacklist)
7x16 Nyle Hatcher24/04/2020
1x15 Four Stones in Hand24/06/2021
2x19 A Matter of Miles16/06/2022
American Horror Story
10x08 Inside06/10/2021
4400 (2021)
1x04 Harlem's Renaissance Man15/11/2021
NCIS: Hawaiʻi (NCIS : Hawaï)
1x13 Spies, Part 224/01/2022
Good Sam
1x09 A Light in the Storm30/03/2022
9-1-1: Lone Star
3x13 Riddle of the Sphinx11/04/2022
4x10 Sellouts28/03/2023
American Horror Stories
2x08 Lake08/09/2022
The Rookie: Feds
1x09 Flashback29/11/2022
Quantum Leap (2022) (Code Quantum (2022))
1x10 Paging Dr. Song09/01/2023
Beacon 23
1x08 Adamantine17/12/2023