Takashi Okazaki

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Basilisk: Kôga Ninpô-chô (Basilisk)
1x01 Destiny06/10/2006
1x02 Last Rendezvous13/10/2006
1x03 The Onslaught of War20/10/2006
1x04 The Horned Owl27/10/2006
1x05 The Surprise Attack02/02/2007
1x06 Longing in the Rain09/02/2007
1x07 Blood Sucking Seductress16/02/2007
1x08 Cage of Blood23/02/2007
1x09 Farewell02/03/2007
1x10 Shinso's Decision09/03/2007
1x11 Unannounced Pebble16/03/2007
1x12 Memories and An Illusionary Lantern23/03/2007
1x13 Crazed Dance of Butterflies30/03/2007
1x14 Flowers Scattered In The Straits06/04/2007
1x15 Execution At Sea13/04/2007
1x16 Fleeting Portrait Of Reminiscence20/04/2007
1x17 Wandering In The Darkness27/04/2007
1x18 Dawn Of Total Darkness04/05/2007
1x19 Ferocious Woman's Vicious Scheme11/05/2007
1x20 Flow of Mercy18/05/2007
1x21 With All Her Heart25/05/2007
1x22 The Haunted01/06/2007
1x23 Emancipation08/06/2007
1x24 Requiem15/06/2007