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1x17 Episode 1727/10/2011
The Doctor Blake Mysteries
1x01 Still Waters01/02/2013
1x02 The Greater Good08/02/2013
1x03 A Travelling Salesman15/02/2013
1x04 Brotherly Love22/02/2013
1x05 Hearts and Flowers01/03/2013
1x06 If the Shoe Fits08/03/2013
1x08 Game of Champions22/03/2013
2x01 The Heart of the Matter07/02/2014
2x06 Mortal Coil14/03/2014
2x10 An Invincible Summer11/04/2014
3x06 Women and Children20/03/2015
3x08 Darkness Visible03/04/2015
4x01 The Open Road05/02/2016
4x04 Against the Odds26/02/2016
4x08 The Visible World25/03/2016
3x01 The Governor's Pleasure07/04/2015
3x06 Evidence12/05/2015
3x10 A Higher Court09/06/2015
The Secret Daughter
2x06 Hearts on Fire29/11/2017