Steward Lee

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Réalisation de séries

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)
1x14 Defenders of Peace23/01/2009
1x16 Hidden Enemy06/02/2009
2x04 Senate Spy16/10/2009
2x07 Legacy of Terror20/11/2009
2x08 Brain Invaders04/12/2009
2x17 Bounty Hunters02/04/2010
2x19 The Zillo Beast Strikes Back16/04/2010
2x20 Death Trap23/04/2010
3x09 Hunt for Ziro12/11/2010
3x15 Overlords28/01/2011
3x17 Ghosts of Mortis11/02/2011
3x20 Citadel Rescue11/03/2011
4x06 Nomad Droids14/10/2011
4x07 Darkness on Umbara28/10/2011
4x19 Massacre24/02/2012
5x01 Revival29/09/2012
5x03 Front Runners13/10/2012
5x12 100th Episode: Missing in Action05/01/2013
6x07 Crisis at the Heart07/03/2014
6x08 The Disappeared (1)07/03/2014
6x13 Sacrifice07/03/2014
0x01 HS : Crystal Crisis on Utapau : A Death on Utapau25/09/2014
0x06 HS : A Distant Echo17/04/2015
Star Wars Rebels
1x01 Droids in Distress13/10/2014
1x03 Rise of the Old Masters27/10/2014
1x05 Out of Darkness10/11/2014
1x07 Gathering Forces24/11/2014
1x09 Idiot's Array19/01/2015
3x02 The Holocrons of Fate01/10/2016
3x06 Imperial Supercommandos05/11/2016
3x09 An Inside Man03/12/2016
3x14 Trials of the Darksaber21/01/2017
3x18 Double Agent Droid11/03/2017
4x01 Heroes of Mandalore: Part 115/10/2017
4x05 The Occupation29/10/2017
4x09 Rebel Assault13/11/2017
4x13 A World Between Worlds26/02/2018
Star Wars Resistance
1x04 The High Tower28/10/2018
2x15 The New World12/01/2020