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Réalisation de séries

Boston Legal (Boston Justice)
2x13 Too Much Information24/01/2006
3x08 Lincoln (Part 1)26/11/2006
3x15 Fat Burner13/02/2007
4x04 Do Tell16/10/2007
4x12 Roe v. Wade: The Musical22/01/2008
5x04 True Love13/10/2008
5x07 Mad Cows03/11/2008
The Closer (The Closer : L.A. enquêtes prioritaires)
5x04 Walking Back the Cat29/06/2009
5x13 The Life07/12/2009
6x04 Layover02/08/2010
6x08 War Zone30/08/2010
7x02 Repeat Offender18/07/2011
7x08 Death Warrant29/08/2011
7x16 Hostile Witness09/07/2012
Raising the Bar (Raising the Bar : Justice à Manhattan)
2x09 Trout Fishing03/08/2009
Grey's Anatomy
7x14 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)10/02/2011
7x19 It's A Long Way Back28/04/2011
8x11 This Magic Moment12/01/2012
9x13 Bad Blood31/01/2013
Rizzoli & Isles (Rizzoli & Isles : Autopsie d'un meurtre)
2x12 He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother05/12/2011
3x03 This Is How a Heart Breaks19/06/2012
3x13 Virtual Love11/12/2012
4x09 No One Mourns the Wicked20/08/2013
5x02 …Goodbye24/06/2014
5x17 Bite out of Crime17/03/2015
6x04 Imitation Game07/07/2015
6x10 Sister Sister18/08/2015
7x03 Cops vs. Zombies13/06/2016
Private Practice
5x20 True Colors01/05/2012
1x05 Crash and Burn03/05/2012
2x05 All Roads Lead to Fitz08/11/2012
2x10 One for the Dog10/01/2013
2x16 Top of the Hour21/03/2013
Dallas (2012)
1x07 Collateral Damage18/07/2012
1x09 Family Business01/08/2012
2x02 Venomous Creatures28/01/2013
2x09 Ewings Unite!18/03/2013
2x15 Legacies15/04/2013
1x09 Dogs, Horses, and Indians05/08/2012
Major Crimes
1x02 Before and After20/08/2012
2x04 I, Witness01/07/2013
2x12 Pick Your Poison25/11/2013
3x04 Letting It Go30/06/2014
3x06 Jane Doe #3814/07/2014
3x11 Down the Drain24/11/2014
3x18 Special Master Part One12/01/2015
Mind Games
1x07 Judge Not22/07/2014
11x06 The Senator in the Street Sweeper05/11/2015
4x12 How Does It Feel to Be Free23/03/2016
1x16 Clue03/04/2016
The Catch
2x06 The Hard Drive13/04/2017
1x04 Zero Visibility30/10/2017
Ten Days in the Valley
1x06 Day 6: Down Day16/12/2017
The Good Doctor (Good Doctor)
2x02 Middle Ground01/10/2018
Station 19 (Grey's Anatomy : Station 19)
2x06 Last Day on Earth08/11/2018
The Rookie (Le flic de Los Angeles)
1x17 The Shake Up26/03/2019