Stephen Plaice

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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The Bill (Brigade volante)
14x31 One of the Gang17/03/1998
14x60 Under the Grill26/05/1998
15x05 The Wrong Horse28/01/1999
15x31 Tinderbox18/05/1999
15x38 Borderline29/06/1999
15x54 Sunhill Boulevard31/08/1999
16x34 Search Me25/05/2000
16x37 Trust: A Sprat to Catch a Mackerel02/06/2000
16x38 Trust: The Hare and the Hounds06/06/2000
16x39 Trust: The Deep Blue Sea08/06/2000
17x20 The Leopard (1/2)20/03/2001
17x21 The Leopard (2/2)23/03/2001
17x25 Return of the Hunter06/04/2001
17x51 The Dark Side17/07/2001
17x52 Angel Rooms20/07/2001
17x60 Beech on the Run19/08/2001
17x61 On a Clear Day14/09/2001
17x62 Come Live With Me18/09/2001
17x70 Hidden Agenda16/10/2001
17x71 Lifelines19/10/2001
17x72 Sacrifice26/10/2001
21x19 The Calm Before the Storm09/03/2005
Murder City
1x04 Mr Right08/04/2004