Stephen Langford

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Steve Langford

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Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2013 A Christmas Wedding90
2008 Nanny Express (TV) (The Nanny Express (TV))85
2005 L'amour à la dérive (Love Wrecked) 87
Moyenne de tous ses films10.6

Réalisation de séries

Malcolm & Eddie
4x15 The Best Men14/02/2000

Scénariste de séries

2x22 Malani the Warrior13/12/1986
Silver Spoons (Ricky ou la belle vie)
5x18 Hero Worship16/02/1987
Tiny Toon Adventures (Les Tiny Toons)
1x04 Test Stressed19/09/1990
1x40 The Acme Bowl16/11/1990
1x42 Looniversity Days20/11/1990
Family Matters (La vie de famille)
2x04 Flashpants05/10/1990
3x10 The Love God22/11/1991
3x11 Old and Alone29/11/1991
3x17 Food, Lies and Videotape07/02/1992
4x03 Driving Carl Crazy09/10/1992
4x04 Rumor Has It16/10/1992
4x13 The Way the Ball Bounces22/01/1993
4x22 Hot Stuff30/04/1993
5x11 Christmas is Where the Heart Is10/12/1993
5x17 Father of the Bride11/02/1994
5x21 A-Camping We Will Go01/04/1994
6x10 Flying Blind25/11/1994
6x12 Midterm Crisis06/01/1995
6x17 Ain't Nothin' But an Urkel24/02/1995
6x24 They Shoot Urkels, Don't They?12/05/1995
7x02 The Naked and the Nerdy29/09/1995
7x04 Teacher's Pet20/10/1995
7x17 Swine Lake16/02/1996
8x06 Getting Buff18/10/1996
8x09 Home Again08/11/1996
8x18 Le Jour d'amour14/02/1997
8x22 Pound Foolish25/04/1997
9x05 Who's Afraid of the Big Black Book?17/10/1997
9x11 Deck the Malls19/12/1997
9x17 Polkapalooza12/06/1998
Saved by the Bell (1989) (Sauvés par le gong (1989))
4x19 Screech's Birthday14/11/1992
Malcolm & Eddie
3x04 Twisted Sisters26/10/1998
3x19 Daddio04/05/1999
4x01 Hanging by a Dred06/09/1999
4x03 Hot Pants20/09/1999
4x06 The Tapawingo Witch Project18/10/1999
4x07 Won't Power01/11/1999
4x09 Fairly Decent Proposal15/11/1999
4x12 Your Number's Up03/01/2000
4x13 Designing Woman24/01/2000
4x16 Swooped21/02/2000
4x18 Buddy's Ashes10/04/2000
4x21 Mid-Wife Crisis15/05/2000
1x06 The Man in the Suitcase10/10/2019