Stephen Cragg

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2009 Circle of Eight83

Production / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1983 Le pénitencier de l'enfer (Women of San Quentin)100

Réalisation de séries

Doogie Howser, M.D. (Docteur Doogie)
1x09 She Ain't Heavy, She's My Cousin08/11/1989
1x16 It Ain't Over Till Mrs. Howser Sings17/01/1990
1x26 Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give a Grand02/05/1990
2x02 Guess Who's Coming to Doogie's19/09/1990
2x14 Presumed Guilty02/01/1991
2x19 Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition13/02/1991
3x01 The Summer of '9125/09/1991
3x05 The Cheese Stands Alone23/10/1991
3x17 If This Is Adulthood, I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia19/02/1992
4x03 Doogie Got a Gun07/10/1992
4x10 The Big Sleep ... Not!25/11/1992
Northern Exposure (Bienvenue en Alaska)
1x03 Soapy Sanderson26/07/1990
6x18 Little Italy15/03/1995
The Wonder Years (1988) (Les années coup de cœur)
5x17 Hero11/03/1992
6x17 Eclipse03/03/1993
Party of Five (1994) (La vie à cinq)
1x04 Worth Waiting For03/10/1994
Space: Above and Beyond (Space 2063)
1x05 Mutiny15/10/1995
Early Edition (Demain à la une)
1x09 His Girl Thursday23/11/1996
1x17 The Jury08/03/1997
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy contre les vampires)
1x03 The Witch17/03/1997
Cracker (US)
1x04 Lemmings Will Fly09/10/1997
1x12 The Club26/02/1999
1x14 First Love (1)22/05/1999
1x15 First Love (2)22/05/1999
The Practice (The Practice : Donnell & Associés)
2x16 Truth and Consequences12/01/1998
2x25 Food Chains06/04/1998
Prey (ADN, menace immédiate)
1x03 Pursuit29/01/1998
Fantasy Island (1998)
1x05 Secret Self24/10/1998
Cupid (1998) (Love Therapy)
1x13 Bachelorette Party28/01/1999
Hyperion Bay
1x13 Strange Days08/02/1999
Now & Again (Un agent très secret)
1x16 Everybody Who's Anybody25/02/2000
1x02 Subject: Three Thirteen13/10/2000
The District (Washington Police)
1x09 Pot Scrubbers02/12/2000
1x07 Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger16/08/2002
9x08 Posse Comitatus14/11/2003
Third Watch (New York 911)
6x04 Obsession15/10/2004
6x14 The Kitchen Sink04/02/2005
ER (Urgences)
11x10 Skin13/01/2005
12x06 Dream House03/11/2005
12x17 Lost in America23/03/2006
13x01 Bloodline21/09/2006
13x03 Somebody to Love05/10/2006
13x09 Scoop and Run23/11/2006
13x11 City of Mercy07/12/2006
13x18 Photographs & Memories12/04/2007
14x01 The War Comes Home27/09/2007
14x04 Gravity18/10/2007
14x13 Atonement17/01/2008
14x17 Under Pressure01/05/2008
15x06 Oh, Brother06/11/2008
15x21 I Feel Good26/03/2009
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS : Enquêtes spéciales)
2x18 Bikini Wax29/03/2005
3x11 Model Behavior13/12/2005
Boston Legal (Boston Justice)
2x07 Truly, Madly, Deeply08/11/2005
4x09 No Brains Left Behind11/12/2007
Desperate Housewives
2x08 The Sun Won't Set20/11/2005
The Evidence (The Evidence, les preuves du crime)
1x06 Wine and Die17/06/2006
1x03 Drop04/09/2006
Smith (Dossier Smith)
1x04 Four27/03/2007
Reaper (Le Diable et moi)
1x10 Cash Out04/12/2007
1x18 Cancun20/05/2008
2x01 A New Hope03/03/2009
2x06 Underbelly07/04/2009
Easy Money
1x08 Bags, Bangles & Booty16/08/2009
Grey's Anatomy
6x14 Valentine's Day Massacre11/02/2010
6x23 Sanctuary20/05/2010
7x06 These Arms of Mine28/10/2010
8x05 Love, Loss and Legacy13/10/2011
8x23 Migration10/05/2012
9x05 Beautiful Doom08/11/2012
Warehouse 13
2x10 When and Where07/09/2010
Private Practice
4x10 Just Lose It02/12/2010
5x12 Losing Battles19/01/2012
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
1x06 Devotion23/03/2011
Body of Proof
2x04 Lazarus Man11/10/2011
Scandal (US)
2x02 The Other Woman04/10/2012
2x11 A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar17/01/2013
666 Park Avenue
1x09 Hypnos02/12/2012
1x12 I've Been Down That Road Before06/02/2013
1x19 Why Don’t You Love Me08/05/2013
2x12 Just for What I Am22/01/2014
3x03 I Can't Get Over You to Save My Life08/10/2014
3x09 Two Sides to Every Story03/12/2014
3x14 Somebody Pick Up My Pieces25/02/2015
4x03 How Can I Help You Say Goodbye07/10/2015
4x11 Forever and for Always16/03/2016
5x02 Back in Baby's Arms05/01/2017
5x06 A Little Bit Stronger02/02/2017
5x08 The Felix Paradox03/04/2013
1x05 ...Nice Photos27/10/2013
1x08 ...One More Shot17/11/2013
Mind Games
1x12 As God Is My Witness26/08/2014
Marvel's Agent Carter (Agent Carter)
1x04 The Blitzkrieg Button27/01/2015
How to Get Away with Murder (Murder)
2x05 Meet Bonnie22/10/2015
3x03 Always Bet Black06/10/2016
4x12 Ask Him About Stella08/02/2018
5x01 Your Funeral27/09/2018
5x08 I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die15/11/2018
5x15 Please Say No One Else Is Dead28/02/2019
6x01 Say Goodbye26/09/2019
Chicago Justice
1x05 Friendly Fire19/03/2017
Chicago Fire
6x08 The Whole Point of Being Roommates11/01/2018
7x20 Try Like Hell08/05/2019
10x04 The Right Thing13/10/2021
10x08 What Happened at Whiskey Point?10/11/2021
10x14 An Officer with Grit02/03/2022
2x01 We Are Not Alone11/11/2018
2x04 Contagion02/12/2018