Sobey Martin

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

4x10 The Blue Spy08/12/1961
4x11 Gentleman's Gentleman15/12/1961
4x17 Bosses' Daughter02/02/1962
4x20 Grandma's Money23/02/1962
4x21 The Pitchwagon02/03/1962
4x26 Reunion06/04/1962
8x04 Root Down06/10/1962
8x20 The Bad One26/01/1963
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Voyage au fond des mers)
1x14 The Ghost of Moby Dick14/12/1964
1x18 Mutiny11/01/1965
1x20 The Invaders25/01/1965
1x25 Cradle of the Deep01/03/1965
1x28 The Creature22/03/1965
1x30 The Secret of the Loch05/04/1965
1x32 The Traitor19/04/1965
2x02 Time Bomb26/09/1965
2x07 The Deadliest Game07/11/1965
2x09 The Peacemaker21/11/1965
2x10 The Silent Saboteurs28/11/1965
2x16 Deadly Creature Below!09/01/1966
2x18 The Sky's On Fire23/01/1966
2x25 The Mechanical Man13/03/1966
Lost in Space (1965) (Perdus dans l'espace (1965))
1x05 The Hungry Sea13/10/1965
1x12 The Raft01/12/1965
1x18 The Sky Pirate26/01/1966
1x19 Ghost in Space02/02/1966
1x20 War of the Robots09/02/1966
1x25 The Space Croppers30/03/1966
1x28 A Change of Space20/04/1966
3x02 Visit to a Hostile Planet13/09/1967
3x07 The Haunted Lighthouse18/10/1967
3x08 Flight into the Future25/10/1967
3x10 The Space Creature15/11/1967
3x11 Deadliest of the Species22/11/1967
3x14 Castles in Space20/12/1967
The Time Tunnel (Au cœur du temps)
1x03 End of the World23/09/1966
1x05 The Last Patrol07/10/1966
1x07 Revenge of the Gods21/10/1966
1x10 Reign of Terror18/11/1966
1x11 Secret Weapon25/11/1966
1x13 The Alamo09/12/1966
1x15 Invasion23/12/1966
1x18 Visitors From Beyond the Stars13/01/1967
1x19 The Ghost of Nero20/01/1967
1x21 Idol of Death03/02/1967
1x23 Pirates of Deadman's Island17/02/1967
1x24 Chase Through Time24/02/1967
1x26 Attack of the Barbarians10/03/1967
1x28 The Kidnappers24/03/1967
Land of the Giants (Au pays des géants)
1x04 Underground20/10/1968
1x05 Terror-Go-Round03/11/1968
1x07 Manhunt17/11/1968
1x08 The Trap24/11/1968
1x09 The Creed01/12/1968
1x12 The Golden Cage29/12/1968
1x16 On a Clear Day You Can See Earth26/01/1969
1x18 Night of Thrombeldinbar16/02/1969
1x20 Target: Earth02/03/1969
1x21 Genius at Work09/03/1969
1x22 Return of Inidu16/03/1969
1x26 The Chase20/04/1969
2x02 Six Hours to Live28/09/1969
2x07 Collector's Item02/11/1969
2x09 Chamber of Fear16/11/1969
2x13 Land of the Lost14/12/1969
2x15 Our Man O'Reilly28/12/1969
2x18 The Secret City of Limbo18/01/1970
2x19 Panic25/01/1970
2x23 The Marionettes01/03/1970
2x25 Graveyard of Fools22/03/1970