Sarah Dodd

Canada Nationalité canadienne

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (Psi Factor, chroniques du paranormal)
2x18 Pentimento20/04/1998
3x12 Chango31/01/1999
Code Name: Eternity (Code Eternity)
1x25 All Fall Down12/11/2000
Shoebox Zoo (Marnie et le Livre Ancestral)
1x08 Mother's Footsteps09/11/2004
1x09 Where the River Flows16/11/2004
1x10 The Sign of the Unicorn23/11/2004
Falcon Beach
2x10 Lovers & Cheaters09/03/2007
Blood Ties
1x11 Post Partum13/05/2007
The Border
1x06 Physical Assets11/02/2008
1x12 Grave Concern24/03/2008
2x05 Peak Oil27/10/2008
2x07 Articles of Faith10/11/2008
2x11 Unacceptable Risk08/12/2008
3x04 Hate Metal29/10/2009
3x08 Dark Ride26/11/2009
3x11 Credible Threat07/01/2010
1x04 The Other Side of Summer04/04/2011
Motive (Motive : le mobile du crime)
2x02 They Made Me a Criminal13/03/2014
1x04 Joe28/01/2017
1x11 The Castle25/03/2017
2x01 Red04/01/2018
2x06 El Brujo08/02/2018
4x02 Adele13/04/2020
4x05 Scott04/05/2020
Family Law (CA)
1x06 Baby Off Board22/10/2021
1x09 Blame It on the Mother12/11/2021