Russell Mulcahy

Australie Nationalité australienne

Né le 23 juin 1953 (70 ans) • Melbourne, Victoria (Australie)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Scénario | Films

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2023 Teen Wolf : Le film (Teen Wolf: The Movie)140
2012 Shark (Bait) 93
1998 La Malédiction de la momie (Tale of the Mummy)88
Moyenne de tous ses films11.45

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Réalisation | Spectacles

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2005 AC/DC: Family Jewels150
Moyenne de tous ses films20

Réalisation de séries

Tales from the Crypt (Les Contes de la Crypte)
3x11 Split Second07/08/1991
5x05 People Who Live in Brass Hearses13/10/1993
6x01 Let the Punishment Fit the Crime31/10/1994
7x05 Horror in the Night24/05/1996
Perversions of Science (Expériences interdites)
1x06 Planely Possible25/06/1997
1x10 The People's Choice23/07/1997
The Hunger (Les Prédateurs)
1x03 Necros20/07/1997
1x04 The Secret Shih-Tan27/07/1997
1x11 I'm Dangerous Tonight21/09/1997
2x05 Nunc Dimittis10/10/1999
2x14 Wrath of God09/01/2000
2x17 Sacred Fire30/01/2000
Queer as Folk (US)
1x01 Premiere03/12/2000
1x02 Queer, There and Everywhere03/12/2000
1x03 No Bris, No Shirt, No Service10/12/2000
1x18 Surprise Kill22/04/2001
1x20 The King of Babylon10/06/2001
1x01 The Long Road (1)03/03/2002
1x02 The Long Road (2)03/03/2002
1x01 Pilot20/10/2003
Teen Wolf
1x01 Pilot05/06/2011
1x02 Second Chance at First Line06/06/2011
1x03 Pack Mentality13/06/2011
1x10 Co-Captain01/08/2011
1x11 Formality08/08/2011
1x12 Code Breaker15/08/2011
2x01 Omega03/06/2012
2x02 Shape Shifted04/06/2012
2x06 Frenemy02/07/2012
2x07 Restraint09/07/2012
2x08 Raving16/07/2012
2x12 Master Plan13/08/2012
3x01 Tattoo03/06/2013
3x02 Chaos Rising10/06/2013
3x07 Currents15/07/2013
3x08 Visionary22/07/2013
3x10 The Overlooked05/08/2013
3x12 Lunar Ellipse19/08/2013
3x13 Anchors06/01/2014
3x16 Illuminated27/01/2014
3x19 Letharia Vulpina17/02/2014
3x24 The Divine Move24/03/2014
4x01 The Dark Moon23/06/2014
4x04 The Benefactor14/07/2014
4x06 Orphaned28/07/2014
4x12 Smoke and Mirrors08/09/2014
5x01 Creatures of the Night29/06/2015
5x03 Dreamcatchers06/07/2015
5x07 Strange Frequencies03/08/2015
5x10 Status Asthmaticus24/08/2015
5x11 The Last Chimera05/01/2016
5x15 Amplification02/02/2016
5x16 Lie Ability09/02/2016
5x20 Apotheosis08/03/2016
6x05 Radio Silence13/12/2016
6x06 Ghosted03/01/2017
6x10 Riders on the Storm31/01/2017
6x11 Said the Spider to the Fly30/07/2017
6x17 Werewolves of London10/09/2017
6x20 The Wolves of War24/09/2017
13 Reasons Why
4x01 Winter Break05/06/2020
4x02 College Tour05/06/2020