Rowby Goren

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Scénariste de séries

Three's Company
4x04 Snow Job02/10/1979
Hart to Hart (Pour l'amour du risque)
4x10 A Christmas Hart21/12/1982
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Les Maîtres de L'Univers)
2x01 The Shadow Of Skeletor11/09/1984
2x02 The Energy Beast12/09/1984
2x37 The Greatest Show On Eternia31/10/1984
2x55 Monster On The Mountain24/11/1984
1x03 No Pharoah At All Part 310/09/1986
1x04 The Secret of Mastodon Valley Part 411/09/1986
1x05 The Ones Who Saved the Future Part 512/09/1986
1x08 Wacky Wax Museum17/09/1986
1x24 Dynamite Dinosaurs09/10/1986
1x39 Train To Doom-De-Doom-Doom30/10/1986
1x52 Really Roughing It18/11/1986
Teen Wolf (1986)
1x01 Teen Wolf's Family Secret13/09/1986
1x02 The Werewolf Buster20/09/1986
1x12 Under My Spell29/11/1986
2x01 Teen Wolf's Curse19/09/1987
2x04 Down on the Farm10/10/1987
2x07 Scott and the Howlers31/10/1987
Potato Head Kids
1x22 Surfin' Potatoes18/02/1987
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (Super Mario Bros.)
1x04 Mario's Magic Carpet07/09/1989
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Tortues Ninja, les chevaliers d'écaille)
3x03 Attack of the 50 Foot Irma28/09/1989
Tiny Toon Adventures (Les Tiny Toons)
1x09 It's Buster Bunny Time26/09/1990
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (Les aventures de Sonic)
2x03 Too Tall Tails05/10/1993