Rowan Woods

Australie Nationalité australienne

Né en 1959 (63 ans) • Sydney, Nouvelles-Galles du Sud (Australie)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2008 Fragments (Winged Creatures) 100
2005 Little Fish 114
Moyenne de tous ses films11.21

Réalisation de séries

1x03 Exodus from Genesis26/03/1999
1x05 Back and Back and Back to the Future02/04/1999
1x06 Thank God it's Friday. Again.23/04/1999
1x16 A Human Reaction01/08/1999
1x19 Nerve07/01/2000
2x03 Taking the Stone31/03/2000
2x07 Home on the Remains16/06/2000
2x15 Won't Get Fooled Again18/08/2000
2x18 A Clockwork Nebari15/09/2000
2x22 Die Me, Dichotomy26/01/2001
3x17 The Choice17/08/2001
3x21 Into the Lion's Den (2): Wolf in Sheep's Clothing19/04/2002
4x02 What Was Lost (1): Sacrifice14/06/2002
4x03 What Was Lost (2): Resurrection21/06/2002
4x08 I Shrink Therefore I Am02/08/2002
4x12 Kansas (2)10/01/2003
4x16 Bringing Home the Beacon07/02/2003
4x21 We're So Screwed (3): La Bomba14/03/2003
Spartacus : Blood and Sand (Spartacus : Le sang des gladiateurs)
1x08 Mark of the Brotherhood12/03/2010
Rake (AU)
3x05 Episode 509/03/2014
3x06 Episode 616/03/2014
Hunters (2016)
1x03 Maid of Orleans25/04/2016
1x07 Kissing the Machine23/05/2016
Nowhere Boys
3x01 The New Boy11/11/2016
3x02 What Happened to Bremin?11/11/2016
3x03 We Are Not Alone18/11/2016
3x04 The Gang Find Magic25/11/2016
3x12 Birth of the Mega Demon20/01/2017
3x13 The Battle for Bremin27/01/2017
The Commons
1x03 Episode 325/12/2019
1x04 Episode 425/12/2019