Roger Marshall

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1981 Force de frappe (Attack Force Z)93
1972 What Became of Jack and Jill?93
Moyenne de tous ses films11

Scénariste de séries

The Avengers (Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir (1961))
2x06 The Removal Men03/11/1962
2x08 Death of a Great Dane17/11/1962
2x23 Conspiracy of Silence02/03/1963
3x05 Death of a Batman26/10/1963
3x07 The Gilded Cage09/11/1963
3x11 The Golden Fleece07/12/1963
3x18 Mandrake25/01/1964
4x09 The Hour that Never Was27/11/1965
4x10 Dial a Deadly Number04/12/1965
4x14 Silent Dust01/01/1966
4x15 Room Without a View08/01/1966
4x17 The Girl From Auntie22/01/1966
4x20 The Danger Makers12/02/1966
5x19 The 50,000 Pound Breakfast14/10/1967
The Sweeney (Regan)
2x05 Hit and Run29/09/1975
2x07 Golden Fleece13/10/1975
2x10 Trojan Bus03/11/1975
3x05 Taste Of Fear04/10/1976
3x06 Bad Apple11/10/1976
3x13 On The Run20/12/1976
4x09 Feet Of Clay02/11/1978
4x13 Victims14/12/1978
The Professionals (Les Professionnels)
4x06 Take Away12/10/1980
4x09 Slush Fund02/11/1980
4x11 Hijack30/11/1980
5x11 No Stone06/02/1983
The Ruth Rendell Mysteries (Inspecteur Wexford)
3x04 A Sleeping Life: Part One12/11/1989
3x05 A Sleeping Life: Part Two19/11/1989
3x06 A Sleeping Life: Part Three26/11/1989
Lovejoy (Les règles de l'art)
2x06 One Born Every Minute10/02/1991
2x10 Lily's Pearls10/03/1991
3x02 Out to Lunch19/01/1992
3x05 The Benin Bronze09/02/1992
4x02 The Ring17/01/1993
4x09 They Call Me Midas07/03/1993
5x04 The Kakiemon Tiger26/09/1993
6x04 Double Edged Sword23/10/1994