Robin Bernheim

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États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Robin Burger, Robin Jill Burger, Robin Jill Bernheim

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2018 La Princesse de Chicago (The Princess Switch)101
2018 Royal Hearts (TV)84
2016 Sacré Père Noël (TV) (I'll Be Home for Christmas (TV))88
Moyenne de tous ses films13.28

Scénariste de séries

Remington Steele (Les enquêtes de Remington Steele)
4x08 Coffee, Tea, or Steele10/12/1985
4x13 Suburban Steele11/02/1986
5x03 Steele Hanging in There (1)03/02/1987
5x04 Steele Hanging in There (2)10/02/1987
5x05 Steeled With a Kiss (1)17/02/1987
5x06 Steeled With a Kiss (2)17/02/1987
MacGyver (1985)
2x01 The Human Factor22/09/1986
1x11 The Angel25/11/1986
1x23 The Photographer31/03/1987
1x25 The Doctors12/05/1987
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Star Trek : La nouvelle génération)
3x11 The Hunted08/01/1990
Quantum Leap (Code Quantum)
5x03 Leaping of the Shrew - September 27, 195629/09/1992
5x07 Deliver Us from Evil - March 19, 196610/11/1992
5x12 A Tale of Two Sweeties - February 25, 195805/01/1993
5x14 Dr. Ruth - April 25, 198519/01/1993
5x21 Memphis Melody - July 3, 195420/04/1993
Renegade (Le Rebelle)
2x07 Endless Summer25/10/1993
4x10 Another Place and Time20/11/1995
4x13 Baby Makes Three08/01/1996
4x16 Rio Reno27/01/1996
4x19 Hard Evidence19/02/1996
4x20 The Dollhouse15/04/1996
Diagnosis Murder (Diagnostic : Meurtre)
2x05 My Four Husbands14/10/1994
6x05 Blood Will Out15/10/1998
6x11 Dead in the Water17/12/1998
Silk Stalkings (Les dessous de Palm Beach)
5x06 Tricks of the Trade22/10/1995
Extreme Ghostbusters (Extrêmes Ghostbusters)
1x40 Witchy Woman08/12/1997
Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (Special OPS Force)
2x06 Trade Off31/10/1998
2x13 Critical List27/02/1999
Men in Black: The Series
2x06 The Jack O'Lantern Syndrome31/10/1998
Star Trek: Voyager
6x11 Fair Haven12/01/2000
6x14 Memorial02/02/2000
6x21 Live Fast And Prosper19/04/2000
Earth: Final Conflict (Invasion Planète Terre)
4x02 The Sins of the Father09/10/2000
4x10 Dream Stalker04/12/2000
4x14 Keys to the Kingdom05/02/2001
4x19 Hearts and Minds23/04/2001
4x20 Epiphany30/04/2001
4x22 Point of No Return15/05/2001
She Spies (Spy Girls)
2x04 Gone Bad13/10/2003
2x11 Spies Gone Wild19/01/2004
2x17 Stranded26/04/2004