Richard J. Lewis

Canada Nationalité canadienne

Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2010 Le monde de Barney (Barney's Version) 134
2002 Chien de flic 3 (K-9: P.I.) 95
Moyenne de tous ses films12.71

Réalisation de séries

The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) (Alfred Hitchcock présente (1985))
4x09 Mirror, Mirror03/02/1989
4x17 Night Creatures28/04/1989
The Adventures of Superboy (Superboy)
2x13 Super Menace!13/01/1990
2x15 Microboy27/01/1990
2x16 Run, Dracula, Run03/02/1990
2x18 Abandon Earth17/02/1990
3x05 Roads Not Taken (1)03/11/1990
3x06 Roads Not Taken (2)10/11/1990
3x07 The Sons of Icarus17/11/1990
3x11 Superboy... Lost15/12/1990
3x17 Rebirth (1)09/02/1991
3x18 Rebirth (2)26/02/1991
3x20 People vs. Metallo06/04/1991
Forever Knight (Le Justicier des ténèbres)
1x18 Feeding the Beast01/12/1992
Due South (Un tandem de choc)
1x15 The Man Who Knew Too Little16/02/1995
2x01 North09/11/1995
2x09 The Edge15/02/1996
3x02 Eclipse21/09/1997
Breaker High (Classe Croisière)
1x23 Two Seans Don't Make A Right05/11/1997
1x25 Swiss You Were Here11/11/1997
Family Law (US) (Associées pour la loi)
1x15 A Mother's Son07/02/2000
2x11 Intentions08/01/2001
2x20 Bringing up Babies16/04/2001
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Les Experts)
1x04 Pledging Mr. Johnson27/10/2000
1x16 Too Tough to Die01/03/2001
2x03 Overload11/10/2001
2x07 Caged08/11/2001
2x14 The Finger31/01/2002
2x18 Chasing the Bus28/03/2002
2x20 Cats in the Cradle25/04/2002
2x23 The Hunger Artist16/05/2002
3x03 Let the Seller Beware10/10/2002
3x07 Fight Night14/11/2002
3x10 High and Low12/12/2002
3x11 Recipe for Murder09/01/2003
3x15 Lady Heather's Box13/02/2003
3x17 Crash and Burn13/03/2003
3x20 Last Laugh24/04/2003
4x01 Assume Nothing (1)25/09/2003
4x02 All for Our Country (2)02/10/2003
4x05 Fur and Loathing30/10/2003
4x09 Grissom Versus the Volcano11/12/2003
4x12 Butterflied15/01/2004
4x22 No More Bets13/05/2004
5x04 Crow's Feet21/10/2004
5x08 Ch-Ch-Changes18/11/2004
5x12 Snakes13/01/2005
5x15 King Baby17/02/2005
5x21 Committed28/04/2005
5x23 Iced12/05/2005
6x01 Bodies in Motion22/09/2005
6x05 Gum Drops20/10/2005
6x10 Still Life08/12/2005
6x15 Pirates of the Third Reich09/02/2006
7x04 Fannysmackin'12/10/2006
7x07 Post Mortem09/11/2006
7x11 Leaving Las Vegas04/01/2007
7x15 Law of Gravity08/02/2007
7x22 Leapin' Lizards03/05/2007
8x02 A La Cart04/10/2007
8x05 The Chick Chop Flick Shop01/11/2007
8x11 Bull10/01/2008
8x12 Grissom's Divine Comedy03/04/2008
9x01 For Warrick09/10/2008
9x06 Say Uncle13/11/2008
9x11 The Grave Shift22/01/2009
9x16 Turn, Turn, Turn05/03/2009
10x01 Family Affair24/09/2009
The District (Washington Police)
1x07 Imperfect Victims18/11/2000
Person of Interest
1x02 Ghosts29/09/2011
1x13 Root Cause02/02/2012
1x23 Firewall17/05/2012
2x01 The Contingency27/09/2012
2x11 2-Pi-R03/01/2013
2x22 God Mode09/05/2013
3x11 Lethe17/12/2013
3x12 Aletheia07/01/2014
3x20 Death Benefit15/04/2014
4x01 Panopticon23/09/2014
4x08 Point of Origin18/11/2014
4x09 The Devil You Know25/11/2014
Gang Related
1x03 Pecados del Padre05/06/2014
CSI: Cyber (Les Experts : Cyber)
1x03 Killer En Route18/03/2015
Battle Creek
1x05 Old Flames29/03/2015
Hand of God
1x03 Contemplating the Body04/09/2015
1x02 Chestnut09/10/2016
2x01 Journey Into Night22/04/2018
2x03 Virtù e Fortuna06/05/2018
3x02 The Winter Line22/03/2020
Designated Survivor
1x09 The Blueprint07/12/2016
A Million Little Things
1x03 Save the Date10/10/2018
1x14 Someday07/02/2019
1x16 The Rosary21/02/2019
The Enemy Within
1x03 The Ambassador's Wife11/03/2019
Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
1x10 Day of the Dead28/06/2020

Scénariste de séries

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Les Experts)
5x21 Committed28/04/2005
9x01 For Warrick09/10/2008
10x01 Family Affair24/09/2009