Richard Day

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Dinosaurs (Dinosaures)
2x08 Career Opportunities06/11/1991
1x09 The Refrigerator09/08/1994
1x10 The Soft Touch23/08/1994
2x05 The Fix-Up19/10/1994
2x10 Mrs. Koger30/11/1994
2x16 Ballet Class08/02/1995
2x19 Gladiators01/03/1995
Mad About You (Dingue de toi)
5x02 The Grant24/09/1996
5x03 Therapy15/10/1996
5x07 Outbreak19/11/1996
5x09 The Gym17/12/1996
5x12 The Handyman21/01/1997
5x14 The Penis11/02/1997
5x17 On the Road18/03/1997
5x18 The Cockatoo01/04/1997
5x19 The Touching Game15/04/1997
5x22 The Feud13/05/1997
The Drew Carey Show (Le Drew Carey Show)
4x04 Drew Between the Rock and a Hard Place14/10/1998
4x11 Kate's Family25/11/1998
Spin City
4x09 The Thanksgiving Show23/11/1999
Arrested Development
3x02 For British Eyes Only26/09/2005
3x05 Mr. F07/11/2005
3x09 S.O.B.s (Save Our Bluths)02/01/2006
3x13 Development Arrested10/02/2006
5x02 Self-Deportation29/05/2018
5x11 Chain Migration15/03/2019
Aliens in America (Tandoori & Hamburgers)
1x03 Rocket Club15/10/2007
1x09 Junior Prank26/11/2007
1x14 One Hundred Thousand Miles23/03/2008
1x18 Raja at Sixteen18/05/2008
Sit Down, Shut Up
1x09 Tackin'10/10/2009