Richard Correll

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 14 mai 1948 (74 ans) • Los Angeles, Californie (États-Unis)

Aussi appelé : Rich Correll

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2006 Hannah Montana Terminée

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2021 La Fille qui croyait aux miracles (The Girl Who Believes in Miracles)100
2008 Le pacte mystérieux (Mostly Ghostly)93
1990 Ski Patrol91
Moyenne de tous ses films8.25

Scénario / Long-métrages

Production / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2021 La Fille qui croyait aux miracles (The Girl Who Believes in Miracles)100

Réalisation de séries

1x07 Mommy 'n' Meego00/00/0000
1x08 Magic Parker00/00/0000
1x10 I Won't Be Home for Christmas00/00/0000
1x11 Saturday Night Fever00/00/0000
1x13 Car and Driver00/00/0000
1x02 Love and Money26/09/1997
1x03 The Truth About Cars and Dogs03/10/1997
1x04 It's Good to be King10/10/1997
1x05 Fatal Attraction17/10/1997
Full House (US) (La Fête à la maison)
1x03 The First Day of School02/10/1987
1x12 Our Very First Promo18/12/1987
6x04 Radio Days13/10/1992
6x10 I'm Not D.J.01/12/1992
Family Matters (La vie de famille)
1x12 Laura's First Date15/12/1989
1x13 Man's Best Friend05/01/1990
1x15 The Big Reunion19/01/1990
1x16 The Party02/02/1990
1x17 The Big Fix09/02/1990
1x18 Sitting Pretty16/02/1990
1x19 In a Jam23/02/1990
1x21 Bowl Me Over06/04/1990
1x22 Rock Video27/04/1990
2x01 Rachel's Place21/09/1990
2x03 Marriage 10128/09/1990
2x13 Have Yourself a Very Winslow Christmas21/12/1990
2x14 Ice Station Winslow04/01/1991
2x19 Busted15/02/1991
2x21 Taking Credit15/03/1991
2x22 Finding the Words22/03/1991
2x23 Skip to My Lieu01/04/1991
2x24 The Good the Bad and the Urkel25/04/1991
2x25 I Should Have Done Something26/04/1991
3x01 Boom!20/09/1991
3x02 Brain Over Brawn27/09/1991
3x05 Daddy's Little Girl19/10/1991
3x07 Robo-Nerd01/11/1991
3x08 Making the Team08/11/1991
3x11 Old and Alone29/11/1991
3x14 A Test of Friendship10/01/1992
3x18 My Broken-Hearted Valentine14/02/1992
3x19 Woman of the People21/02/1992
3x23 Robo-Nerd II24/04/1992
3x24 Dudes01/05/1992
3x25 Farewell, My Laura08/05/1992
4x18 Higher Anxiety19/02/1993
5x04 A Matter of Principle15/10/1993
5x07 Grandmama05/11/1993
5x09 Car Wars19/11/1993
5x10 All the Wrong Moves26/11/1993
5x11 Christmas is Where the Heart Is10/12/1993
5x14 Like a Virgin14/01/1994
5x15 Good Cop, Bad Cop21/01/1994
5x18 Psycho Twins18/02/1994
5x19 That's What Friends Are For04/03/1994
5x21 A-Camping We Will Go01/04/1994
6x03 Till Death Do Us Apartment07/10/1994
6x04 The Looney Bin14/10/1994
6x05 Beta Chi Guy21/10/1994
6x07 Par For the Course04/11/1994
6x08 Sink or Swim11/11/1994
6x11 Miracle on Elm Street16/12/1994
6x14 The Substitute Son03/02/1995
6x16 Wedding Bell Blues17/02/1995
6x21 What's Up Doc?31/03/1995
6x22 We're Going to Disney World (1)28/04/1995
6x23 We're Going to Disney World (2)05/05/1995
7x01 Little Big Guy22/09/1995
7x02 The Naked and the Nerdy29/09/1995
7x03 Bugged13/10/1995
7x04 Teacher's Pet20/10/1995
7x05 Walking My Baby Back Home27/10/1995
7x08 Talk's Cheap17/11/1995
7x11 Fa La La La Laagghh!15/12/1995
7x13 South of the Border12/01/1996
7x15 Random Acts of Science02/02/1996
7x18 My Big Brother23/02/1996
7x19 Eau de love08/03/1996
7x21 Scammed29/03/1996
7x24 Send in the Clone17/05/1996
8x01 Paris Vacation (1)20/09/1996
8x02 Paris Vacation (2)20/09/1996
8x03 Paris Vacation (3)27/09/1996
8x04 Movin' On04/10/1996
8x05 3J in the House11/10/1996
8x06 Getting Buff18/10/1996
8x07 Stevil25/10/1996
8x08 Karate Kids01/11/1996
8x09 Home Again08/11/1996
8x15 Love Triangles17/01/1997
8x16 Father Time31/01/1997
8x17 Beauty and the Beast07/02/1997
8x18 Le Jour d'amour14/02/1997
8x19 What Do You Know?28/02/1997
8x21 Flirting with Disaster28/03/1997
8x23 The Brother Who Came to Dinner02/05/1997
9x07 Stevil II: This Time He's Not Alone31/10/1997
9x13 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do16/01/1998
9x14 Crazy for You (1)23/01/1998
9x15 Crazier for You (2)30/01/1998
9x16 Whose Man Is It Anyway?05/06/1998
Perfect Strangers (Larry et Balki)
6x01 Safe at Home28/09/1990
6x07 The Men Who Knew Too Much (1)09/11/1990
6x08 The Men Who Knew Too Much (2)16/11/1990
Step by Step (Notre belle famille)
1x01 Pilot20/09/1991
1x02 The Dance27/09/1991
1x03 Rules of the House04/10/1991
1x04 First Anniversary11/10/1991
1x05 Frank & Son18/10/1991
1x09 Into the Woods15/11/1991
1x15 Drive, He Said17/01/1992
1x17 The Boys in the Band14/02/1992
1x18 School Daze21/02/1992
1x20 Daddy's Girl06/03/1992
2x03 Stuck on You02/10/1992
2x04 JT's World09/10/1992
2x07 Model Daughter30/10/1992
2x09 The Making of the President13/11/1992
2x13 If I Were a Rich Man08/01/1993
2x16 No Business Like Show Business05/02/1993
2x17 Love, Port Washington Style12/02/1993
2x18 Aloha (1)19/02/1993
2x19 Aloha (2)26/02/1993
2x20 No Way to Treat a Lady12/03/1993
2x23 This Old House07/05/1993
2x24 Double Date21/05/1993
3x01 Way-Off Broadway24/09/1993
3x02 The Apartment01/10/1993
3x03 Never on Sunday08/10/1993
3x04 The Paper Chase15/10/1993
3x06 Video Mania29/10/1993
3x09 The Marrying Dude19/11/1993
3x12 Close Encounters of the Marital Kind17/12/1993
3x13 Bad Girls07/01/1994
3x14 Read All About It14/01/1994
3x18 Nightmare Weekend25/02/1994
3x20 Feeling Forty25/03/1994
3x21 The Case of the Missing Diary29/04/1994
4x01 Karate Kid23/09/1994
4x02 College Bound30/09/1994
4x06 Something Wild28/10/1994
4x07 Growing up is Hard to Do04/11/1994
4x08 Beyond Therapy11/11/1994
4x18 Back to School03/03/1995
4x20 Indecent Proposal31/03/1995
4x21 Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?28/04/1995
5x22 We're Going to Disney World (1)03/05/1996
5x23 We're Going to Disney World (2)10/05/1996
6x10 How the West Was Won09/05/1997
7x03 Your Cheatin' Heart03/10/1997
7x09 Goodbye, Mr. Chip05/12/1997
7x18 We're in the Money19/06/1998
On Our Own (Seuls au monde)
1x10 Baby Blues04/12/1994
1x11 That's My Car and I'm Sticking to It11/12/1994
1x12 All I Want for Christmas18/12/1994
Married... with Children (Mariés, deux enfants)
11x20 Damn Bundys28/04/1997
Two Guys and a Girl (Un toit pour trois)
1x06 Two Guys, a Girl and a Softball Team15/04/1998
1x12 Two Guys, a Girl and a Dad15/07/1998
Two of a Kind (Les jumelles s'en mêlent)
1x02 The Tutor02/10/1998
1x05 Breaking Them Up is Hard to Do23/10/1998
1x06 Nightmare on Carrie's Street30/10/1998
1x07 The Heartbreak Kid06/11/1998
1x08 You've Got a Friend13/11/1998
1x09 Model Behavior20/11/1998
1x11 A Very Carrie Christmas11/12/1998
1x12 Let's Dance08/01/1999
1x13 Split Decision15/01/1999
1x14 My Boyfriend's Back29/01/1999
1x15 No Man's Land12/02/1999
1x16 Carrie Moves In19/02/1999
1x21 The Goodbye Girl02/04/1999
1x22 Kevin Burke's Day Off09/07/1999
So Little Time (Totalement Jumelles)
1x01 A Dog Day Afternoon02/06/2001
1x02 Siblings and the City02/06/2001
1x03 The Color of Money09/06/2001
1x10 Tedi's Burnout28/07/2001
1x11 Teacher's Pet05/08/2001
1x12 Rules of Engagement05/08/2001
1x14 The Breakfast Club15/12/2001
1x23 Larrypalooza16/03/2002
1x24 Look Who's Talking23/03/2002
1x11 Meet the Parents18/01/2002
That's So Raven (Phénomène Raven)
1x02 Party Animal17/01/2003
1x01 Mother Dearest17/01/2003
1x03 Test of Friendship17/01/2003
1x09 The Parties28/02/2003
1x11 Dissin' Cousins11/04/2003
1x18 If I Only Had a Job12/09/2003
2x02 Don't Have a Cow17/10/2003
2x03 Run Raven Run14/11/2003
1x20 Separation Anxiety19/12/2003
2x05 Four's a Crowd30/01/2004
2x06 Hearts and Minds06/02/2004
1x21 To See or Not to See05/03/2004
2x13 Radio Heads25/06/2004
2x19 The Lying Game06/08/2004
3x01 Psychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy01/10/2004
3x01 Psychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy01/10/2004
3x03 Opportunity Shocks05/11/2004
3x03 Opportunity Shocks05/11/2004
3x04 Taken to the Cleaners19/11/2004
3x04 Taken to the Cleaners19/11/2004
3x05 Five Finger Discount03/12/2004
3x05 Five Finger Discount03/12/2004
3x08 Bend It Like Baxter07/01/2005
3x15 Gettin' Outta Dodge08/04/2005
3x19 Hizzouse Party06/06/2005
3x21 Chef-Man and Raven08/06/2005
3x23 Too Much Pressure10/06/2005
3x24 Extreme Cory08/07/2005
3x29 Food for Thought18/09/2005
3x30 Mr. Perfect07/10/2005
3x31 Goin' Hollywood04/11/2005
4x01 Raven, Sydney, and the Man20/02/2006
4x02 Pin Pals24/02/2006
4x03 Dues and Dont's03/03/2006
4x04 Unhappy Medium17/03/2006
4x06 Hook Up My Space31/03/2006
4x09 Juicer Consequences24/06/2006
4x11 Checkin' Out28/07/2006
4x13 Mad Hot Cottilion12/08/2006
4x15 Soup to Nuts25/08/2006
4x16 Members Only15/09/2006
4x17 The Ice Girl Cometh22/09/2006
What I Like About You (Ce que j'aime chez toi)
2x12 The Incredible Shrinking Group09/01/2004
2x18 The Interview20/02/2004
Phil of the Future (Phil du futur)
1x17 Neander-Phil10/12/2004
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (La Vie de palace de Zack et Cody)
1x01 Hotel Hangout18/03/2005
1x02 The Fairest of Them All18/03/2005
1x03 Maddie Checks In25/03/2005
1x07 Footloser22/04/2005
1x09 Band in Boston20/05/2005
1x10 Cody Goes to Camp03/06/2005
1x15 Rumors14/08/2005
1x16 Big Hair & Baseball28/08/2005
1x18 Ghost of 61301/10/2005
1x19 Smart & Smarterer10/10/2005
1x20 Dad's Back26/11/2005
1x24 Crushed13/01/2006
1x25 Commercial Breaks20/01/2006
2x02 French 10110/02/2006
2x04 Heck's Kitchen24/02/2006
2x05 Free Tippy03/03/2006
2x07 Election21/03/2006
2x08 Moseby's Big Brother22/03/2006
2x09 Books & Birdhouses23/03/2006
2x10 Not So Suite 1624/03/2006
2x11 Twins at the Tipton31/03/2006
2x13 Bowling28/04/2006
2x16 Going for the Gold10/06/2006
2x17 Boston Tea Party30/06/2006
2x18 Have a Nice Trip07/07/2006
2x20 That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana28/07/2006
2x23 Lost in Translation19/08/2006
2x25 Loosely Ballroom22/09/2006
2x26 Scary Movie13/10/2006
2x27 Ah Wilderness10/11/2006
2x28 Birdman of Boston24/11/2006
2x29 Nurse Zack08/12/2006
2x31 Risk It All27/01/2007
2x34 Health & Fitness16/03/2007
2x35 Back in the Game06/04/2007
2x36 The Suite Life Goes Hollywood (1)20/04/2007
2x37 The Suite Life Goes Hollywood (2)20/04/2007
3x01 Graduation23/06/2007
3x02 Summer of Our Discontent30/06/2007
3x03 Sink or Swim08/07/2007
3x04 Super Twins13/07/2007
3x05 Who's the Boss22/07/2007
3x06 Baggage22/07/2007
3x08 Arwin That Came to Dinner05/08/2007
3x09 Lip Synchin' in the Rain12/08/2007
3x11 Of Clocks and Contracts15/09/2007
3x12 Arwinstein06/10/2007
3x13 Team Tipton27/10/2007
3x14 Orchestra10/11/2007
3x15 A Tale of Two Houses17/11/2007
3x16 Tiptonline15/12/2007
3x18 Romancing the Phone19/04/2008
3x20 Doin' Time in Suite 233009/08/2008
3x21 Let Us Entertain You16/08/2008
Hannah Montana
2x09 Achy Jakey Heart (1)24/06/2007
2x23 The Way We Almost Weren't04/05/2008
2x24 You Didn't Say It Was Your Birthday06/07/2008
3x03 Don't Go Breaking My Tooth16/11/2008
3x05 Killing Me Softly with His Height14/12/2008
3x27 Got to Get Her Out of My House21/02/2010
3x28 The Wheel Near My Bed (Keeps On Turnin')21/02/2010
The Suite Life on Deck (La Vie de croisière de Zack et Cody)
1x02 Parrot Island27/09/2008
1x08 Sea Monster Mash14/11/2008
1x09 Flowers and Chocolate21/11/2008
1x13 Maddie on Deck16/01/2009
1x14 When in Rome...23/01/2009
1x18 Splash & Trash17/04/2009
1x21 Double-Crossed17/07/2009
2x08 Lost at Sea02/10/2009
See Dad Run
1x07 See Dad One Night Only18/11/2012
1x08 See Dad Catch A Rat25/11/2012
Liv and Maddie (Liv et Maddie)
2x05 Match-a-Rooney02/11/2014
K.C. Undercover (Agent K.C.)
1x09 Spy-Anoia Will Destroy Ya19/04/2015
1x19 Debutante Baller09/08/2015
Fuller House (La fête à la maison : 20 ans après)
1x05 Mad Max26/02/2016
1x06 The Legend of El Explosivo26/02/2016
1x07 Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party26/02/2016
1x09 War of the Roses26/02/2016
1x05 Mad Max26/02/2016
1x06 The Legend of El Explosivo26/02/2016
1x07 Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party26/02/2016
1x09 War of the Roses26/02/2016
2x01 Welcome Back09/12/2016
2x02 Mom Interference09/12/2016
2x03 Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss09/12/2016
2x04 Curse of Tanner Manor09/12/2016
2x10 New Kids in the House09/12/2016
3x01 Best Summer Ever22/09/2017
3x02 Break a Leg22/09/2017
3x03 Declarations of Independence22/09/2017
3x05 Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting22/09/2017
3x07 Say Yes to the Dress22/09/2017
3x08 Maybe Baby22/09/2017
3x09 Wedding or Not Here We Come22/09/2017
3x10 My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding22/12/2017
3x12 Fast Times at Bayview High22/12/2017
3x16 Happily Ever After22/12/2017
3x17 Fullers in a Fog22/12/2017

Scénariste de séries

Happy Days (Les jours heureux)
9x16 A Touch of Classical02/02/1982
9x17 Hi Yo Fonzie, Away09/02/1982
10x05 Little Case of Revenge09/11/1982
10x21 Turn Around and You're Home15/03/1983
11x06 Glove Story08/11/1983
Step by Step (Notre belle famille)
4x16 One Truck, Al Dente10/02/1995
That's So Raven (Phénomène Raven)
2x13 Radio Heads25/06/2004