René Echevarria

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René Echevarria

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2019 Carnival Row Toujours en cours
2004 The 4400 (Les 4400) Terminée
Moyenne de toutes ses séries15.39

Réalisation de séries

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Star Trek : La nouvelle génération)
5x21 The Perfect Mate27/04/1992
6x14 Face of the Enemy08/02/1993

Scénariste de séries

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Star Trek : La nouvelle génération)
3x16 The Offspring12/03/1990
3x25 Transfigurations04/06/1990
5x23 I, Borg11/05/1992
6x06 True Q26/10/1992
6x12 Ship in a Bottle25/01/1993
6x17 Birthright, Part II01/03/1993
6x24 Second Chances24/05/1993
7x01 Descent (2)20/09/1993
7x10 Inheritance22/11/1993
7x15 Lower Decks07/02/1994
7x18 Eye of the Beholder28/02/1994
7x21 Firstborn25/04/1994
7x24 Preemptive Strike16/05/1994
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
3x04 Equilibrium23/10/1994
3x11 Past Tense, Part I08/01/1995
3x12 Past Tense, Part II15/01/1995
3x20 Improbable Cause07/05/1995
3x22 Explorers14/05/1995
3x25 Facets18/06/1995
4x06 Rejoined30/10/1995
4x13 Crossfire29/01/1996
4x21 The Muse29/04/1996
5x04 ...Nor the Battle to the Strong21/10/1996
5x06 Trials and Tribble-ations04/11/1996
5x12 The Begotten27/01/1997
5x17 A Simple Investigation31/03/1997
5x22 Children of Time05/05/1997
6x04 Behind the Lines20/10/1997
6x09 Statistical Probabilities24/11/1997
6x15 Honor Among Thieves25/02/1998
7x03 Afterimage14/10/1998
7x05 Chrysalis28/10/1998
7x09 Covenant25/11/1998
7x14 Chimera17/02/1999
7x17 Penumbra07/04/1999
7x21 When It Rains...05/05/1999
7x24 The Dogs of War26/05/1999
Now & Again (Un agent très secret)
1x05 The Insurance Man Always Rings Twice22/10/1999
1x09 By the Light of the Moon26/11/1999
1x10 I've Grown Accustomed to His Face17/12/1999
1x22 The Eggman Cometh05/05/2000
Dark Angel
1x03 Flushed17/10/2000
1x06 Prodigy21/11/2000
1x13 The Kidz are Aiight20/02/2001
1x21 ...And Jesus Brought a Casserole22/05/2001
2x21 Freak Nation03/05/2002
1x02 A La Casa02/10/2002
The 4400 (Les 4400)
1x01 The Return (1)11/07/2004
1x02 The Return (2)11/07/2004
Medium (Médium)
1x04 Night of the Wolf24/01/2005
1x11 I Married a Mind Reader21/03/2005
1x14 In the Rough02/05/2005
2x08 Too Close to Call14/11/2005
2x12 Doctor's Orders09/01/2006
2x22 Twice Upon a Time22/05/2006
4x02 But for the Grace of God14/01/2008
4x08 Burn Baby Burn (2)17/03/2008
4x14 Car Trouble28/04/2008
2x05 When the Bough Breaks19/10/2009
2x23 Overkill10/05/2010
Terra Nova
1x03 Instinct03/10/2011
Carnival Row
1x01 Some Dark God Wakes30/08/2019
1x02 Aisling30/08/2019
1x07 The World to Come30/08/2019