Reiko Yoshida

Japon Nationalité japonaise

Née le 31 décembre 1967 (56 ans)

Noms alternatifs : 吉田玲子

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Scénariste de séries

Jûôsei (Jyu Oh Sei)
1x01 Fate13/04/2006
1x02 Ochre Ring20/04/2006
1x03 Allies27/04/2006
1x04 Challenge04/05/2006
1x05 Duel11/05/2006
1x06 Blanc Law18/05/2006
1x07 Independence25/05/2006
1x08 Depths01/06/2006
1x09 Beast King08/06/2006
1x10 Nightmare15/06/2006
1x11 Hope22/06/2006
Romeo × Juliet
1x01 Two People ~if they do not meet~04/04/2007
1x02 Promise ~fragrance of memory~11/04/2007
1x03 Love ~Cruel Mischief~18/04/2007
1x04 Shyness ~Stuck in the Rain~25/04/2007
1x05 Cold Whirlwind ~Burning Unprepared~02/05/2007
1x06 Desire ~Entrusted Tomorrow~09/05/2007
1x07 "Warmth" The Touch of Your Hands ~Just for Now~16/05/2007
1x08 Presumption ~Justice~23/05/2007
1x09 "Uprising" The Crossroads ~Severing the Confusion~30/05/2007
1x10 Tears ~Being Able to Meet You~06/06/2007
1x11 The Oath ~The Morning Sun's Blessing~13/06/2007
1x12 Repose ~This Way~20/06/2007
1x13 Pulsation ~Being Led~27/06/2007
1x14 "Great Responsibility" The Challenge ~In These Arms~04/07/2007
1x15 "Self" The Dawn of Change ~The Road that I Must Advance on~11/07/2007
1x16 "Alone" Faraway from the beloved ~Beloved~18/07/2007
1x17 "Tyrant" The Buried Past ~The Pitch-Black Origin~25/07/2007
1x18 "Motive" Will ~In Their Respective Chests~01/08/2007
1x19 "Succession" The Wind of Hope ~Indeed I am~08/08/2007
1x20 "Mission" To Uphold Duty ~One Unwavering Step~29/08/2007
1x21 "Law" To Die ~The Goddess' Embrace~05/09/2007
1x22 "Curse" The End of the Revolution ~Ravaging Passion~12/09/2007
1x23 "Germination" For My Love ~The Kiss of Death~19/09/2007
1x24 "Prayer" A New World ~The World in which You Exist~26/09/2007
Chû Bra!!
1x01 The Girl With Adult Panties04/01/2010
1x02 This Swelling Chest11/01/2010
1x05 Between Adults and Children01/02/2010
1x08 An Underwear Overnighter22/02/2010
1x11 My Afternoon with Her15/03/2010
Witch Craft Works (Witchcraft Works)
1x06 Takamiya-kun and the Trial of Love10/02/2014
1x08 Takamiya-kun's and Kagari-san's Wound26/02/2014
1x10 Takamiya-kun and the Weekend (Part 1)10/03/2014
Yowamushi Pedal (En selle, Sakamichi !)
2x01 Phase 4906/10/2014
2x02 The Aces13/10/2014
2x03 Akira20/10/2014
2x04 Resolution27/10/2014
2x05 The Three Kilometers to the Pharmacy03/11/2014
2x06 Those Who Have10/11/2014
2x07 The Pack Approaches17/11/2014
2x08 Arakita24/11/2014
2x09 The Fighting Dog of Kure01/12/2014
2x10 The Domain that Lies Ahead08/12/2014
2x11 Survival15/12/2014
2x12 Izumida's Pride22/12/2014
Violet Evergarden
1x01 “Aishiteru” to jidō shuki ningyō10/01/2018
1x02 “Modottekonai”17/01/2018
1x03 “Anata ga yoki jido shuki ningyō ni narimasu yō ni”24/01/2018
1x04 “Kimi wa dōgudenaku, sono na ga niau hito ni naru nda”31/01/2018
1x05 “Hito o musubu tegami o kaku no ka?”07/02/2018
1x06 “Doko ka no hoshizora no shita de”14/02/2018
1x07 Episode 721/02/2018
1x08 Episode 828/02/2018
1x09 “Vuaioretto Evuāgāden”07/03/2018
1x10 “Aisuru hito wa zutto mimamotteiru”14/03/2018
1x11 “Mō, dare mo shina setakunai”21/03/2018
1x12 Episode 1228/03/2018
1x13 Jidō shuki ningyō to “Aishiteru”04/04/2018
1x14 Special : The day you understand "I love you" will surely come04/07/2018