Philip Sgriccia

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Phil Sgriccia, Philip J. Sgriccia

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Midnight Caller (Jack Killian, l'homme au micro)
3x19 A Cry in the Night19/04/1991
Reasonable Doubts (La voix du silence)
1x19 Maggie Finds Her Soul24/03/1992
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Loïs et Clark, les nouvelles aventures de Superman)
1x16 The Ides of Metropolis06/02/1994
1x20 Fly Hard27/03/1994
2x08 A Bolt from the Blue20/11/1994
2x13 The Phoenix12/02/1995
2x15 Return of the Prankster26/02/1995
3x01 ... We Have a Lot to Talk About17/09/1995
3x20 It's a Small World After All28/04/1996
3x22 Big Girls Don't Fly12/05/1996
4x01 Lord of the Flys (1)22/09/1996
4x02 Battleground Earth (2)29/09/1996
4x13 Sex, Lies and Videotape19/01/1997
4x18 Shadow of a Doubt (2)19/04/1997
The Cosby Mysteries
1x02 Our Lady of Cement28/09/1994
1x03 Stalker06/10/1997
1x08 D.O.A.11/07/1998
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Hercule)
4x02 Hero's Heart18/10/1997
4x02 Hero's Heart18/10/1997
4x20 Twilight09/05/1998
5x03 Resurrection17/10/1998
6x04 Darkness Visible30/10/1999
Xena: Warrior Princess (Xena, la guerrière)
5x12 God Fearing Child07/02/2000
The Invisible Man (2000) (Invisible Man)
1x11 It Hurts When You Do This18/08/2000
The Fugitive (2000) (Le fugitif)
1x15 Jenny (1)16/02/2001
Night Visions (Les Nuits de l'étrange)
1x15 Bitter Harvest23/08/2001
1x02 Metamorphosis23/10/2001
1x07 Craving27/11/2001
8x08 Ready or Not12/11/2002
Hack (Le Justicier de l'ombre)
1x09 Bad Choices22/11/2002
1x13 Death of Innocence17/01/2003
1x20 All Others Pay Cash18/04/2003
2x02 Hidden Agenda04/10/2003
2x11 Gone20/12/2003
2x14 Fog of War07/02/2004
Dr. Vegas
1x04 All In22/10/2004
1x14 Nightmare07/02/2006
1x19 Provenance13/04/2006
2x02 Everybody Loves a Clown05/10/2006
2x12 Nightshifter25/01/2007
2x18 Hollywood Babylon19/04/2007
3x02 The Kids Are Alright11/10/2007
3x13 Ghostfacers24/04/2008
4x02 Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester25/09/2008
4x06 Yellow Fever23/10/2008
4x12 Criss Angel Is a Douchebag22/01/2009
4x19 Jump the Shark23/04/2009
5x02 Good God, Y'all!17/09/2009
5x10 Abandon All Hope...19/11/2009
5x18 Point of No Return15/04/2010
5x21 Two Minutes to Midnight06/05/2010
6x01 Exile on Main St.24/09/2010
6x08 All Dogs Go to Heaven12/11/2010
6x12 Like a Virgin04/02/2011
6x17 My Heart Will Go On15/04/2011
7x01 Meet the New Boss23/09/2011
7x05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil21/10/2011
7x12 Time After Time13/01/2012
7x18 Party on, Garth30/03/2012
8x13 Everybody Hates Hitler06/02/2013
8x23 Sacrifice15/05/2013
9x13 The Purge04/02/2014
10x05 Fan Fiction11/11/2014
10x11 There's No Place Like Home27/01/2015
10x14 The Executioner's Song17/02/2015
10x23 Brother's Keeper20/05/2015
10x23 Brother's Keeper20/05/2015
11x02 Form and Void14/10/2015
11x13 Love Hurts10/02/2016
11x18 Hell's Angel06/04/2016
11x23 Alpha and Omega25/05/2016
12x01 Keep Calm and Carry On13/10/2016
12x08 LOTUS08/12/2016
12x18 The Memory Remains13/04/2017
13x01 Lost and Found12/10/2017
13x09 The Bad Place07/12/2017
13x10 Wayward Sisters18/01/2018
13x21 Beat the Devil03/05/2018
14x11 Damaged Goods24/01/2019
14x15 Peace of Mind14/03/2019
14x20 Moriah25/04/2019
2x02 There Will Be Blood02/10/2013
The Boys
1x03 Get Some26/07/2019
2x01 The Big Ride04/09/2020
3x01 Payback03/06/2022
3x02 The Only Man in the Sky03/06/2022

Scénariste de séries

10x08 Hibbing 91102/12/2014