Philip Earnshaw

Canada Nationalité canadienne

Aussi appelé : Phil Earnshaw

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Degrassi: The Next Generation (Degrassi : Nouvelle génération)
2x03 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun06/10/2002
2x07 Shout (1)03/11/2002
2x08 Shout (2)10/11/2002
2x15 Hot For Teacher10/01/2003
3x04 Pride (1)08/10/2003
3x05 Pride (2)15/10/2003
3x08 Whisper To A Scream12/11/2003
3x16 Take On Me16/02/2004
4x01 Ghost in the Machine (1)07/09/2004
4x02 Ghost in the Machine (2)07/09/2004
4x05 Anywhere I Lay My Head28/09/2004
4x06 Islands in the Stream28/09/2004
4x11 Voices Carry (1)02/11/2004
4x12 Voices Carry (2)09/11/2004
4x19 Moonlight Desires31/01/2005
4x20 West End Girls31/01/2005
5x01 Venus (1)19/09/2005
5x02 Venus (2)26/09/2005
5x05 Weddings, Parties, Anything17/10/2005
5x06 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For24/10/2005
5x11 The Lexicon of Love (1)28/11/2005
5x12 The Lexicon of Love (2)05/12/2005
5x18 High Fidelity (1)13/03/2006
5x19 High Fidelity (2)20/03/2006
6x01 Here Comes Your Man (1)28/11/2006
6x02 Here Comes Your Man (2)28/11/2006
6x05 Eyes Without A Face (1)12/12/2006
6x06 Eyes Without A Face (2)12/12/2006
7x07 We Got the Beat18/02/2007
6x14 Free Fallin' (1)28/03/2007
6x15 Free Fallin' (2)04/04/2007
6x18 Don't You Want Me (1)07/05/2007
6x19 Don't You Want Me (2)14/05/2007
7x01 Standing In The Dark (1)14/01/2008
7x02 Standing In The Dark (2)21/01/2008
7x05 Death Or Glory (1)04/02/2008
7x08 Jessie's Girl25/02/2008
7x23 If This Is It16/06/2008
7x24 We Built This City23/06/2008
Radio Free Roscoe
1x20 Gossip16/01/2004
Instant Star (Ma vie de star)
1x12 Train In Vain17/04/2005
2x05 The Jean Genie10/03/2006
3x03 Start Me Up23/02/2007
4x08 Brilliant Mistake17/06/2008
The Border
1x07 Family Values18/02/2008
2x03 Floral Tribute13/10/2008
2x06 Prescriptive Measures03/11/2008
2x10 Double Dating01/12/2008
3x02 Broken15/10/2009
3x05 Missing in Action05/11/2009
Being Erica (Les Vies rêvées d'Erica Strange)
1x11 She's Lost Control18/03/2009
2x09 A River Runs Through It...It Being Egypt17/11/2009
2x10 Papa Can You Hear Me?24/11/2009
3x07 Jenny From the Block03/11/2010
4x06 If I Could Turn Back Time31/10/2011
Republic of Doyle
1x09 He Sleeps With the Chips17/03/2010
King (2011) (Jessica King)
1x07 Cameron Bell29/05/2011
Little Mosque on the Prairie (La Petite Mosquée dans la Prairie)
6x01 Home Again09/01/2012
6x04 The Dating Game30/01/2012
6x09 Haunted Mosque on the Prairie12/03/2012
1x02 Fallen15/01/2013
1x04 White Knight29/01/2013
Degrassi: Next Class (Degrassi : La Nouvelle Promo)
2x03 #CheckYourPrivilege02/08/2016
2x04 #BuyMePizza09/08/2016
2x05 #ThrowBackThursday16/08/2016
2x06 #ToMyFutureSelf23/08/2016
3x05 #HugeIfTrue13/01/2017
3x06 #ThatFeelingWhen16/01/2017
3x07 #Unsubscribe17/01/2017
3x08 #IRegretNothing18/01/2017
Good Witch (Un soupçon de magie)
3x05 A Birthday Wish28/05/2017
3x06 Say It with Candy04/06/2017