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Peter Hoar

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Wire in the Blood (La Fureur dans le Sang)
4x04 The Wounded Surgeon11/10/2006
5x01 The Colour of Amber11/07/2007
5x04 Anything You Can Do01/08/2007
5x05 Prayer of the Bone07/01/2008
6x01 Unnatural Vices (1)12/09/2008
6x02 Unnatural Vices (2)19/09/2008
Mistresses (UK)
1x05 Episode 505/02/2008
1x06 Episode 612/02/2008
2x01 Series 2, Episode 117/02/2009
2x02 Series 2, Episode 224/02/2009
Spooks (MI-5)
7x03 The Tip-Off28/10/2008
7x04 A Chance for Peace03/11/2008
Five Days (Cinq jours)
2x04 Day 3704/03/2010
2x05 Day 10205/03/2010
Doctor Who (2005)
6x07 A Good Man Goes to War (1/2)04/06/2011
Vera (Les enquêtes de Vera)
2x01 The Ghost Position22/04/2012
1x01 Red Bones (1/2)10/03/2013
1x02 Red Bones (2/2)11/03/2013
Da Vinci's Demons
2x02 The Blood of Brothers29/03/2014
2x03 The Voyage of the Damned05/04/2014
2x07 The Vault of Heaven03/05/2014
2x08 The Fall From Heaven10/05/2014
2x10 The Sins of Daedalus31/05/2014
3x01 Semper Infidelis24/10/2015
3x02 Abbadon24/10/2015
3x09 Angelus Iratissimus24/10/2015
3x10 Ira Deorum24/10/2015
The Last Kingdom
1x07 Episode 721/11/2015
1x08 Episode 828/11/2015
2x01 Episode 116/03/2017
2x02 Episode 223/03/2017
Marvel's Daredevil
2x04 Penny and Dime18/03/2016
2x10 The Man in the Box18/03/2016
2x13 A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen18/03/2016
Marvel's Iron Fist
1x10 Black Tiger Steals Heart17/03/2017
Marvel's The Defenders
1x03 Worst Behavior18/08/2017
Marvel's Runaways
1x07 Refraction19/12/2017
Altered Carbon
1x09 Rage in Heaven02/02/2018
1x10 The Killers02/02/2018
Marvel's Cloak and Dagger
1x03 Stained Glass14/06/2018
The Umbrella Academy (Umbrella Academy)
1x01 We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals15/02/2019
1x10 The White Violin15/02/2019