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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

1x12 Episode 1222/09/2011
1x20 Episode 2017/11/2011
Winners & Losers
2x09 Stalled21/08/2012
2x19 To Have and To Hold30/10/2012
3x14 The Wake Up Call28/01/2014
3x19 Fallout04/03/2014
4x18 Intervention04/08/2015
4x23 Pride and Prejudice18/08/2015
1x01 No Place Like Home01/05/2013
1x02 Fly Me Away08/05/2013
1x03 The Girl Who Waited15/05/2013
1x04 The Things We Do22/05/2013
1x05 The Velvet Curtain29/05/2013
1x06 Captive05/06/2013
1x07 Something Dies12/06/2013
2x01 Born Again20/05/2014
2x05 Twist the Knife17/06/2014
2x12 Fear Her05/08/2014
3x03 Knives Out21/04/2015
3x07 The Long Game19/05/2015
3x12 Blood and Fire23/06/2015
4x03 Prisoner24/05/2016
4x07 Panic Button21/06/2016
4x12 Seeing Red26/07/2016
5x03 Nothing But the Truth18/04/2017
5x08 Think Inside the Box23/05/2017
5x12 Hell Bent20/06/2017
The Doctor Blake Mysteries
2x02 The Food of Love14/02/2014
2x07 The Silence21/03/2014
4x02 Golden Years12/02/2016
2x05 The Walking Wounded12/10/2017
Doctor Who (2005)
11x07 Kerblam!18/11/2018
12x05 Fugitive of the Judoon26/01/2020
12x06 Praxeus02/02/2020