Paul Hoen

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

The Secret World of Alex Mack (Les Incroyables Pouvoirs d'Alex)
1x09 Alex and Mom07/01/1995
2x06 Pressure11/11/1995
2x15 Mack TV27/07/1996
2x20 Nerve28/09/1996
3x03 Working10/10/1996
3x04 Operation: Breakout15/10/1996
3x07 Big Ray24/10/1996
3x09 Bubbling Over05/11/1996
3x13 Mystery Man19/11/1996
3x15 A Room of Her Own26/11/1996
3x18 Twelve and a Half10/12/1996
3x21 Triangle18/02/1997
4x03 Camping30/09/1997
4x05 Oscar07/10/1997
4x10 Senora Garcia23/10/1997
4x14 The Return18/11/1997
4x15 Friendly Fire20/11/1997
4x19 Paradise Lost (1)13/01/1998
4x20 Paradise Regained (2)15/01/1998
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) (Sabrina, l'apprentie sorcière)
2x25 Rumor Mill08/05/1998
Even Stevens (La Guerre des Stevens)
1x01 Swap.com17/06/2000
1x03 Take My Sister... Please01/07/2000
2x11 Wild Child28/09/2001
3x20 Surf's Up31/03/2003
South of Nowhere
1x03 Put Out or Get Out18/11/2005
1x05 Girl's Guide to Dating09/12/2005
1x09 Say it Aint So, Spencer (1)27/01/2006
1x10 What Just Happened? (2)03/02/2006
3x03 The It Girls17/08/2007
3x04 Spencer's New Girlfriend24/08/2007
3x07 Saturday Night is for Fighting14/09/2007
3x08 Gay Pride21/09/2007
3x09 Career Day10/10/2008
3x10 Spencer's 18th Birthday17/10/2008
3x11 A Very Inconvienient Truth24/10/2008
3x12 Love and Kisses07/11/2008
3x15 Taking Seconds05/12/2008
3x16 On the Precipice (1)12/12/2008
3x17 On the Precipice (2)12/12/2008
1x02 Groovy Movies09/05/2009
1x03 Pizza Girl16/05/2009
1x06 Chasing the Dream14/06/2009
1x08 That Ding You Do28/06/2009
1x10 Love Sick02/08/2009
1x14 Karaoke Surprise06/09/2009
1x16 Forgetting Stella's Birthday27/09/2009
1x17 The Tale of the Haunted Firehouse11/10/2009
1x19 Cold Shoulder06/12/2009
1x21 Exam Jam14/03/2010
2x01 House Party20/06/2010
2x03 Date Expectations04/07/2010
2x04 And... Action11/07/2010
2x06 The Secret01/08/2010
2x09 Direct to Video22/08/2010
2x10 The Flirt Locker29/08/2010
Beyond the Break (Makaha Surf)
3x05 A Shoulder to Spy On11/06/2009
3x06 House of Cards15/06/2009
3x09 Castaway18/06/2009
3x10 Bailed22/06/2009
3x12 Would I Lie to You24/06/2009
The Troop
1x02 Forest Grump18/09/2009
1x03 There Is No "I" in Monster Hunter18/09/2009
Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street (Normal Street)
2x11 Ranger and the Fabled Flower of Normal Street30/10/2015
Liv and Maddie (Liv et Maddie)
4x13 Sing It Live!!!-A-Rooney03/03/2017
Andi Mack
1x01 1310/03/2017
2x15 Perfect Day 2.011/06/2018
3x20 We Were Here26/07/2019