Paul Bogart

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États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1994 The Gift of Love (TV)100
1990 Torch Song Trilogy120
1986 Le Fantôme de Canterville (TV) (The Canterville Ghost (TV))95
1975 Mr. Ricco99
1969 La Valse des truands (Marlowe)96
Moyenne de tous ses films14.67

Réalisation / Court-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1966 Evening Primrose (court-métrage)51
Moyenne de tous ses films14.67

Réalisation de séries

Get Smart (1965) (Max la Menace)
1x02 Diplomat's Daughter25/09/1965
1x03 School Days02/10/1965
1x05 Now You See Him... Now You Don't16/10/1965
All in the Family
6x01 The Very Moving Day08/09/1975
6x03 Archie, the Donor22/09/1975
6x04 Archie, the Hero29/09/1975
6x05 Mike's Pains06/10/1975
6x06 Chain Letter20/10/1975
6x07 Mike Faces Life27/10/1975
6x08 Edith Breaks Out03/11/1975
6x09 Grandpa Blues10/11/1975
6x10 Gloria Suspects Mike17/11/1975
6x12 Archie's Civil Rights01/12/1975
6x13 Gloria is Nervous08/12/1975
6x14 The Baby (1)15/12/1975
6x15 The Baby (2)22/12/1975
6x16 New Year's Wedding05/01/1976
6x17 Archie, the Babysitter12/01/1976
6x18 Archie Finds a Friend26/01/1976
6x19 Mike's Move02/02/1976
6x20 Archie's Weighty Problem09/02/1976
6x22 Joey's Baptism23/02/1976
6x24 Edith's Night Out08/03/1976
7x01 Archie's Brief Encounter (1)22/09/1976
7x02 Archie's Brief Encounter (2)22/09/1976
7x03 Archie's Brief Encounter (3)29/09/1976
7x04 The Unemployment Story (1)06/10/1976
7x05 The Unemployment Story (2)13/10/1976
7x06 Archie's Operation (1)27/10/1976
7x07 Archie's Operation (2)27/10/1976
7x08 Beverly Rides Again06/11/1976
7x09 Teresa Moves In13/11/1976
7x11 Mr. Edith Bunker27/11/1976
7x12 Archie's Secret Passion04/12/1976
7x13 The Baby Contest11/12/1976
7x15 The Draft Dodger25/12/1976
7x16 The Boarder Patrol08/01/1977
7x17 Archie's Chair15/01/1977
7x18 Mike Goes Skiing22/01/1977
7x19 Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye29/01/1977
7x24 Archie, the Liberal05/03/1977
8x03 Cousin Liz09/10/1977
8x04 Edith's 50th Birthday (1)16/10/1977
8x05 Edith's 50th Birthday (2)16/10/1977
8x06 Unequal Partners23/10/1977
8x07 Archie's Grand Opening30/10/1977
8x08 Archie's Bitter Pill (1)06/11/1977
8x09 Archie's Bitter Pill (2) (aka Archie's Road Back)13/11/1977
8x11 Archie and the KKK (2)04/12/1977
8x12 Mike and Gloria Meet11/12/1977
8x13 Edith's Crisis of Faith (1)25/12/1977
8x14 Edith's Crisis of Faith (2)25/12/1977
8x15 The Commercial08/01/1978
8x16 Super Bowl Sunday15/01/1978
8x17 Aunt Iola's Visit22/01/1978
8x18 Love Comes to the Butcher05/02/1978
8x20 Stalemates19/02/1978
8x21 The Brother26/02/1978
8x24 The Stivics Go West19/03/1978
9x01 Little Miss Bunker24/09/1978
9x02 End in Sight01/10/1978
9x03 Reunion on Hauser Street08/10/1978
9x04 What'll We Do with Stephanie?15/10/1978
9x05 Edith's Final Respects22/10/1978
9x06 Weekend in the Country29/10/1978
9x07 Archie's Other Wife05/11/1978
9x09 Return of the Waitress26/11/1978
9x10 Bogus Bills03/12/1978
9x12 California, Here We Are (1)17/12/1978
9x14 A Night at the PTA07/01/1979
9x15 A Girl Like Edith14/01/1979
9x16 The Appendectomy21/01/1979
9x17 Stephanie and the Crime Wave28/01/1979
9x18 Barney, the Gold Digger04/02/1979
9x19 The Return of Archie's Brother11/02/1979
9x20 Stephanie's Conversation18/02/1979
9x22 All in the Family Retrospective (1)04/03/1979
9x23 All in the Family Retrospective (2)04/03/1979
9x24 All in the Family Retrospective (3)04/03/1979
Alice (1976)
1x01 Pilot31/08/1976
Archie Bunker's Place
1x01 Archie's New Partner (1)23/09/1979
1x02 Archie's New Partner (2)23/09/1979
1x03 Edith Gets Hired30/09/1979
1x04 Archie and the Oldest Profession07/10/1979
1x05 Edith vs. the Energy Crisis14/10/1979
1x10 Thanksgiving Reunion (1)18/11/1979
1x11 Thanksgiving Reunion (2)18/11/1979
1x14 The Shabbat Dinner09/12/1979
The Golden Girls (Les Craquantes)
1x02 Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding?21/09/1985
1x04 Transplant05/10/1985
1x08 Break-In09/11/1985
1x10 Heart Attack23/11/1985
1x22 Job Hunting08/03/1986