Patrick Harbinson

Royaume-Uni Nationalité britannique

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2017 Fearless (UK) Terminée
2010 Kidnap & Ransom (Profession Négociateur) Terminée
2003 Red Cap (Red Cap : Police militaire) Terminée
Moyenne de toutes ses séries13.04

Scénariste de séries

EZ Streets
1x07 On the Left Side of the Angel26/03/1997
1x20 Broken World02/05/1997
3x07 Through a Glass, Darkly13/11/1998
3x12 The Sound of Snow05/02/1999
3x17 Darwin's Eye16/04/1999
3x21 Via Dolorosa (1)14/05/1999
5x02 Sharpe's Justice14/05/1997
C-16: FBI (C-16)
1x06 Eight Pounds of Pressure08/11/1997
1x08 The Art of War21/05/1998
1x11 Russian Roulette11/06/1998
1x13 Hitting Olansky02/07/1998
Horatio Hornblower
1x03 The Duchess and the Devil24/10/1998
2x01 Mutiny24/03/2001
ER (Urgences)
6x03 Greene with Envy14/10/1999
6x10 Family Matters06/01/2000
6x17 Viable Options06/04/2000
Dark Angel
1x02 Heat10/10/2000
1x06 Prodigy21/11/2000
1x14 Female Trouble27/02/2001
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (New York Unité Spéciale)
3x23 Silence17/05/2002
4x10 Resilience06/12/2002
4x17 Privilege21/02/2003
5x02 Manic30/09/2003
5x07 Choice04/11/2003
5x18 Careless02/03/2004
6x05 Outcry26/10/2004
6x14 Game08/02/2005
6x21 Blood10/05/2005
7x03 91104/10/2005
7x09 Rockabye22/11/2005
7x20 Fat02/05/2006
8x08 Cage21/11/2006
8x16 Philadelphia27/02/2007
8x17 Sin27/03/2007
Wire in the Blood (La Fureur dans le Sang)
1x01 The Mermaids Singing (1)14/11/2002
1x02 The Mermaids Singing (2)21/11/2002
4x01 Time to Murder and Create20/09/2006
4x04 The Wounded Surgeon11/10/2006
5x05 Prayer of the Bone07/01/2008
Red Cap (Red Cap : Police militaire)
1x01 H-Hour07/01/2003
1x02 Crush14/01/2003
1x03 Espirit de Corps21/01/2003
1x04 Cover Story28/01/2003
1x05 Cold War04/02/2003
2x01 Betrayed08/01/2004
2x03 Red Light22/01/2004
2x05 Friendly Fire05/02/2004
Place of Execution
1x01 Episode 122/09/2008
1x02 Episode 229/09/2008
1x03 Episode 306/10/2008
24 (24 Heures Chrono)
8x04 Day 8: 7:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M.18/01/2010
8x07 Day 8: 10:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M.08/02/2010
8x09 Day 8: 12:00 A.M.-1:00 A.M.22/02/2010
8x12 Day 8: 3:00 A.M.-4:00 A.M.15/03/2010
8x15 Day 8: 6:00 A.M.-7:00 A.M.05/04/2010
8x18 Day 8: 9:00 A.M.-10:00 A.M.19/04/2010
8x21 Day 8: 12:00 P.M.-1:00 P.M.10/05/2010
9x04 Day 9: 2:00 P.M.-3:00 P.M.19/05/2014
Kidnap & Ransom (Profession Négociateur)
1x01 Episode 113/01/2011
1x02 Episode 220/01/2011
1x03 Episode 327/01/2011
Person of Interest
1x03 Mission Creep06/10/2011
1x10 Number Crunch15/12/2011
1x17 Baby Blue08/03/2012
2x02 Bad Code04/10/2012
2x10 Shadow Box13/12/2012
2x22 God Mode09/05/2013
Lewis (Inspecteur Lewis)
6x02 Generation of Vipers23/05/2012
3x05 The Yoga Play27/10/2013
3x11 Big Man in Tehran08/12/2013
4x04 Iron in the Fire19/10/2014
4x09 There's Something Else Going On23/11/2014
5x02 The Tradition of Hospitality11/10/2015
5x07 Oriole15/11/2015
5x09 The Litvinov Ruse29/11/2015
6x04 A Flash of Light12/02/2017
6x11 R is for Romeo02/04/2017
7x02 Rebel Rebel18/02/2018
7x04 Like Bad at Things04/03/2018
7x07 Andante25/03/2018
7x08 Lies, Amplifiers, F**king Twitter01/04/2018
7x11 All In22/04/2018
8x02 Catch and Release16/02/2020
8x04 Chalk One Up01/03/2020
8x05 Chalk Two Down08/03/2020
8x07 F**ker Shot Me22/03/2020
8x08 Threnody(s)29/03/2020
8x10 Designated Driver12/04/2020
8x11 The English Teacher19/04/2020
Fearless (UK)
1x01 Episode 112/06/2017
1x02 Episode 219/06/2017
1x03 Episode 326/06/2017
1x04 Episode 403/07/2017
1x05 Episode 510/07/2017
1x06 Episode 617/07/2017