Pat Williams

Canada Nationalité canadienne

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2008 Samurai Girl (Samouraï Girl) Terminée

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

The Secret World of Alex Mack (Les Incroyables Pouvoirs d'Alex)
3x23 BMX25/02/1997
4x01 Driving23/09/1997
So Weird (Aux frontières de l'étrange)
1x08 Strangeling01/03/1999
1x11 Singularity05/04/1999
1x12 Lost12/04/1999
2x15 Destiny21/01/2000
2x25 Transplant19/08/2000
2x26 Twin19/08/2000
3x07 Rewind12/10/2000
3x09 Carnival02/11/2000
3x14 Still Life21/12/2000
3x16 Pen Pal16/03/2001
3x21 Babble29/06/2001
3x22 Gone Fishin'10/08/2001
4x08 Conduit to Destiny17/11/2003
3x11 Delete28/01/2004
4x03 Facade06/10/2004
Instant Star (Ma vie de star)
1x01 Even Better Than The Real Thing15/09/2004
1x02 Come As You Are15/09/2004
1x03 Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind30/01/2005
1x04 Hey Sister06/02/2005
1x11 All Apologies10/04/2005
1x13 Should I Stay Or Should I Go24/04/2005
2x08 Hallelujah07/04/2006
2x09 Problem Child14/04/2006
2x12 Date With The Night28/04/2006
2x13 Visciousness12/05/2006
4x03 Changes04/06/2008
4x04 Us And Them05/06/2008
4x05 We Belong10/06/2008
Kevin Hill
1x10 The Unexpected01/12/2004
1x18 In This Corner13/04/2005
Beautiful People (US)
1x06 F-Stop12/09/2005
1x12 Das Boots27/03/2006
Kyle XY
1x05 This Is Not a Test24/07/2006
1x07 Kyle Got Game07/08/2006
2x02 The Homecoming18/06/2007
2x03 The List Is Life25/06/2007
2x10 House of Cards13/08/2007
Three Moons Over Milford
1x06 Wrestlemoonia10/09/2006
Flash Gordon (2007)
1x11 Random Access26/10/2007
1x13 Sorrow09/11/2007
1x15 Possession30/11/2007
1x17 Ebb And Flow11/01/2008
1x19 Cold Day In Hell25/01/2008
About a Girl
1x10 About An All-Nighter09/02/2008
1x11 About A Boot15/02/2008
Degrassi: The Next Generation (Degrassi : Nouvelle génération)
7x09 Hungry Eyes03/03/2008
7x10 Pass the Dutchie10/03/2008
Samurai Girl (Samouraï Girl)
1x01 Book of the Sword (Part I)05/09/2008
1x02 Book of the Sword (Part II)05/09/2008
1x04 Book of the Heart (Part II)06/09/2008
1x03 Book of the Heart (Part I)06/09/2008
1x05 Book of the Shadow (Part I)07/09/2008
1x06 Book of the Shadow (Part II)07/09/2008
The Troop
1x06 Taming of the Cube02/10/2009
1x07 No More Master Nice Guy16/10/2009
1x20 Itty Bitty Baby Dragon23/04/2010
1x22 The Evil Within24/07/2010
2x03 It's in the Game09/07/2011
2x04 Mirrors16/07/2011
2x09 Doom Hound29/10/2012
2x11 The Eris Returns30/10/2012
1x05 A Test of Time24/06/2012
1x07 The Politics of Time15/07/2012
1x10 Endtime05/08/2012
2x01 Second Chances21/04/2013
2x02 Split Second28/04/2013
2x05 Second Opinion26/05/2013
2x06 Second Truths02/06/2013
2x13 Second Time04/08/2013
3x01 Minute By Minute16/03/2014
3x02 Minute Man23/03/2014
3x03 Minute To Win It30/03/2014
3x08 So Do Our Minutes Hasten11/05/2014
3x09 Minute of Silence25/05/2014
4x01 Lost Hours04/09/2015
4x02 Rush Hour11/09/2015
4x05 The Desperate Hours02/10/2015
4x06 Final Hour (Series Finale)09/10/2015
ReBoot: The Guardian Code (ReBoot : Le Code du Gardien)
1x01 Activation30/03/2018
1x02 Resurrection30/03/2018
1x03 Fortress Command30/03/2018
1x04 Catastrophic30/03/2018
1x05 Discoveries30/03/2018
1x06 Emotional Rescue30/03/2018
1x07 Game Day30/03/2018
1x08 Artificial Intelligence30/03/2018
1x09 Datastorm30/03/2018
1x10 Mainframe Mayhem30/03/2018