Pat Williams

Canada Nationalité canadienne

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2008 Samurai Girl (Samouraï Girl) Terminée

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2021 Mon elfe de Noël (Joy For Christmas)84
2020 L'amour de sa vie (Love in Winterland)85
2019 Cinq cartes de vœux pour Noël (Write Before Christmas)84
2018 La romance photo de Noël (Christmas Bells Are Ringing)84
2018 Mélodie d'Amour (Wedding of Dreams)84
2016 Dead Rising: Endgame 96
2004 Deep Evil90
Moyenne de tous ses films12.22

Réalisation de séries

The Secret World of Alex Mack (Les Incroyables Pouvoirs d'Alex)
3x23 BMX25/02/1997
4x01 Driving23/09/1997
So Weird (Aux frontières de l'étrange)
1x08 Strangeling01/03/1999
1x11 Singularity05/04/1999
1x12 Lost12/04/1999
2x15 Destiny21/01/2000
2x25 Transplant19/08/2000
2x26 Twin19/08/2000
3x07 Rewind12/10/2000
3x09 Carnival02/11/2000
3x14 Still Life21/12/2000
3x16 Pen Pal16/03/2001
3x21 Babble29/06/2001
3x22 Gone Fishin'10/08/2001
4x08 Conduit to Destiny17/11/2003
3x11 Delete28/01/2004
4x03 Facade06/10/2004
Instant Star (Ma vie de star)
1x01 Even Better Than The Real Thing15/09/2004
1x02 Come As You Are15/09/2004
1x03 Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind30/01/2005
1x04 Hey Sister06/02/2005
1x11 All Apologies10/04/2005
1x13 Should I Stay Or Should I Go24/04/2005
2x08 Hallelujah07/04/2006
2x09 Problem Child14/04/2006
2x12 Date With The Night28/04/2006
2x13 Visciousness12/05/2006
4x03 Changes04/06/2008
4x04 Us And Them05/06/2008
4x05 We Belong10/06/2008
Kevin Hill
1x10 The Unexpected01/12/2004
1x18 In This Corner13/04/2005
Beautiful People (US)
1x06 F-Stop12/09/2005
1x12 Das Boots27/03/2006
Kyle XY
1x05 This Is Not a Test24/07/2006
1x07 Kyle Got Game07/08/2006
2x02 The Homecoming18/06/2007
2x03 The List Is Life25/06/2007
2x10 House of Cards13/08/2007
Three Moons Over Milford
1x06 Wrestlemoonia10/09/2006
Flash Gordon (2007)
1x11 Random Access26/10/2007
1x13 Sorrow09/11/2007
1x15 Possession30/11/2007
1x17 Ebb And Flow11/01/2008
1x19 Cold Day In Hell25/01/2008
About a Girl
1x10 About an All-Nighter09/02/2008
1x11 About a Boot15/02/2008
Degrassi: The Next Generation (Degrassi : Nouvelle génération)
7x09 Hungry Eyes03/03/2008
7x10 Pass the Dutchie10/03/2008
Samurai Girl (Samouraï Girl)
1x01 Book of the Sword (Part I)05/09/2008
1x02 Book of the Sword (Part II)05/09/2008
1x04 Book of the Heart (Part II)06/09/2008
1x03 Book of the Heart (Part I)06/09/2008
1x05 Book of the Shadow (Part I)07/09/2008
1x06 Book of the Shadow (Part II)07/09/2008
The Troop
1x06 Taming of the Cube02/10/2009
1x07 No More Master Nice Guy16/10/2009
1x20 Itty Bitty Baby Dragon23/04/2010
1x22 The Evil Within24/07/2010
2x03 It's in the Game09/07/2011
2x04 Mirrors16/07/2011
2x09 Doom Hound29/10/2012
2x11 The Eris Returns30/10/2012
1x05 A Test of Time24/06/2012
1x07 The Politics of Time15/07/2012
1x10 Endtime05/08/2012
2x01 Second Chances21/04/2013
2x02 Split Second28/04/2013
2x05 Second Opinion26/05/2013
2x06 Second Truths02/06/2013
2x13 Second Time04/08/2013
3x01 Minute By Minute16/03/2014
3x02 Minute Man23/03/2014
3x03 Minute To Win It30/03/2014
3x08 So Do Our Minutes Hasten11/05/2014
3x09 Minute of Silence25/05/2014
4x01 Lost Hours04/09/2015
4x02 Rush Hour11/09/2015
4x05 The Desperate Hours02/10/2015
4x06 Final Hour (Series Finale)09/10/2015
ReBoot: The Guardian Code (ReBoot : Le Code du Gardien)
1x01 Activation30/03/2018
1x02 Resurrection30/03/2018
1x03 Fortress Command30/03/2018
1x04 Catastrophic30/03/2018
1x05 Discoveries30/03/2018
1x06 Emotional Rescue30/03/2018
1x07 Game Day30/03/2018
1x08 Artificial Intelligence30/03/2018
1x09 Datastorm30/03/2018
1x10 Mainframe Mayhem30/03/2018