Paolo Barzman

France États-Unis Canada Nationalité française - américaine - canadienne

Né le 9 mai 1957 (64 ans) • . (Canada)

Paolo Barzman

Devenir fan

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2009 The Last Templar (Le dernier templier) Terminée
2006 La Compagnie des glaces Terminée
Moyenne de toutes ses séries10.13

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2008 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (TV)89
2007 Emotional Arithmetic100
2002 Nous n'irons plus au bois (TV) (All Around the Town (TV)) 95
2002 Tu m'appartiens (TV) (You Belong to Me (TV)) 88
Moyenne de tous ses films10.46

Réalisation de séries

Diamonds (Paire d'as)
2x21 Death Kiss26/11/1989
2x22 The Silver Leaf03/12/1989
The Saint (1989)
1x05 The Big Bang28/07/1990
Counterstrike (Force de frappe)
1x07 Son with a Gun19/08/1990
1x08 The Lady of the Rhine26/08/1990
1x13 Escape Route28/10/1990
The Adventures of the Black Stallion (L'Étalon noir)
1x16 Fireworks25/11/1990
1x18 The Long Run13/01/1991
1x23 Heart of Gold10/02/1991
1x25 Found Money24/02/1991
3x01 Out of Mind, Out of Sight04/10/1993
3x02 The Race of Time11/10/1993
1x20 Avenging Angel08/05/1993
1x22 The Hunters22/05/1993
2x04 The Darkness23/10/1993
2x19 Legacy07/05/1994
2x21 Counterfeit (1)21/05/1994
2x22 Counterfeit (2)28/05/1994
3x10 Blackmail03/12/1994
3x12 They Also Serve11/02/1995
3x14 Song of the Executioner25/02/1995
3x15 Star-Crossed04/03/1995
3x17 Take Back the Night29/04/1995
4x10 Chivalry27/11/1995
4x12 The Blitz05/02/1996
4x15 Promises26/02/1996
5x18 Forgive Us Our Trespasses10/05/1997
Lonesome Dove: The Series (Lonesome Dove (1994))
1x20 Ties That Bind22/05/1995
Cœurs Caraïbes
1x01 Madinina, l'île aux fleurs06/12/1995
1x02 Liaisons impossibles 13/12/1995
1x03 Ile et elle20/12/1995
1x04 Compte à rebours27/12/1995
Relic Hunter (Sydney Fox l'aventurière)
1x09 The Book of Love20/11/1999
1x11 Irish Crown Affair05/02/2000
1x14 Nine Lives26/02/2000
1x17 A Good Year22/04/2000
1x22 Memories of Montmartre27/05/2000
2x13 Out of the Past03/02/2001
2x15 Run Sydney Run17/02/2001
2x16 French Connection24/02/2001
2x19 The Executioner's Mask30/04/2001
2x21 Set in Stone14/05/2001
3x17 Arthur's Cross15/04/2002
Queen of Swords (Tessa à la pointe de l'épée)
1x03 Fever21/10/2000
1x16 The Hanged Man21/04/2001
1x17 The Return28/04/2001
1x19 Takes a Thief12/05/2001
Largo Winch
1x12 Alerte maximum01/04/2001
15/Love (15/A)
1x01 Studentia Jockulus06/09/2004
1x02 The Princess & the Clown13/09/2004
1x03 The French Deception20/09/2004
1x04 Midnight Snack Club27/09/2004
1x05 Reckoning04/10/2004
1x07 Scourge of the Frankenrival18/10/2004
1x08 Mixed Up Doubles01/11/2004
1x12 Squib Inc.29/11/2004
1x13 Curve balls17/01/2005
1x14 Renewal17/01/2005
1x15 The Powers That Be24/01/2005
1x16 The Choice07/02/2005
1x19 Love Letter14/02/2005
1x17 Seedy Reputation21/02/2005
1x18 Racket Strings & Vanity Mirrors28/02/2005
1x20 King Pong07/03/2005
1x21 Picture Perfect14/03/2005
1x22 Justin Time21/03/2005
1x23 Eurocrush30/03/2005
1x24 Ghost of Chance06/04/2005
1x25 Cascade13/04/2005
1x26 The Final Cut20/04/2005
2x01 Return of a King05/09/2005
2x03 Every dog has it's day19/09/2005
2x04 Fortunate Son26/09/2005
2x05 Break Point03/10/2005
2x06 The Real Dirt10/10/2005
2x07 Anger Management17/10/2005
2x08 Lord of the Fries24/10/2005
2x09 About a Girl07/11/2005
2x11 The Agent Game21/11/2005
2x12 Comfort Zones28/11/2005
2x13 Highway 10105/12/2005
2x14 Volley of the Dolls14/12/2005
3x01 You Can't Go Home10/07/2006
3x02 Odd Couple17/07/2006
3x03 Playing With Matches24/07/2006
3x04 The Slow Burn31/07/2006
3x05 Foul Play14/08/2006
3x06 Between A Brock and a Hard Place21/08/2006
3x07 Road Trip28/08/2006
3x08 Over the Line04/09/2006
3x09 Except it Happened Like This11/09/2006
3x10 War Is An Ugly Thing18/09/2006
3x11 With Friends Like These25/09/2006
3x12 Lucas in the Sky02/10/2006
3x13 The Man Without an Ace09/10/2006
3x14 Charity of Fire16/10/2006
The Dead Zone (Dead Zone)
6x06 Switch22/07/2007
The Last Templar (Le dernier templier)
1x01 Part 125/01/2009
1x02 Part 226/01/2009
The Phantom
1x01 Part 1 of 222/12/2009
1x02 Part 2 of 223/12/2009
Being Human (US)
1x09 I Want You Back (from The Dead)14/03/2011
1x10 Dog Eat Dog21/03/2011
2x02 Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?23/01/2012
2x03 All Out of Blood30/01/2012
2x10 Dream Reaper19/03/2012
2x11 Don't Fear The Scott26/03/2012
3x10 For Those About to Rot18/03/2013
3x11 If I Only Had Raw Brain25/03/2013
4x03 Lil' Smokie27/01/2014
4x04 Panic Womb03/02/2014
4x07 Gallows Humor24/02/2014
4x10 Oh Don't You Die For Me17/03/2014
Haven (Les Mystères de Haven)
2x07 The Tides That Bind26/08/2011
Lost Girl
2x13 Barometz. Trick. Pressure18/12/2011
3x01 Caged Fae06/01/2013
3x03 ConFaegion20/01/2013
4x01 In Memoriam10/11/2013
4x04 Turn to Stone01/12/2013
5x01 Like Hell (1)07/12/2014
5x02 Like Hell (2)14/12/2014
5x05 It's Your Lucky Fae04/01/2015
5x07 Here Comes the Night18/01/2015
5x10 Like Father, Like Daughter13/09/2015
5x14 Follow the Yellow Trick Road11/10/2015
5x16 Rise25/10/2015
Bomb Girls (Des femmes et des bombes)
2x11 Kings and Pawns22/04/2013
2x12 Blood Relations29/04/2013
Dark Matter
1x03 Episode Three26/06/2015
1x07 Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye31/07/2015
1x09 Enemy Khlyen14/08/2015
2x08 Full Metal Monk19/08/2016
3x04 The Lion, the Witch & the Warlord21/07/2017
Wynonna Earp
1x01 Purgatory01/04/2016
1x04 The Blade22/04/2016
1x05 Diggin' Up Bones29/04/2016
1x12 House of Memories17/06/2016
1x13 I Walk the Line24/06/2016
2x07 Everybody Knows21/07/2017
2x08 No Future in the Past28/07/2017
2x11 Gone as a Girl Can Get18/08/2017
2x12 I Hope You Dance25/08/2017
3x01 Blood Red and Going Down20/07/2018
3x02 When You Call My Name27/07/2018
3x05 Jolene17/08/2018
3x06 If We Make It Through December24/08/2018
3x11 Daddy Lessons28/09/2018
3x12 War Paint28/09/2018
4x01 On the Road Again26/07/2020
4x02 Friends in Low Places02/08/2020
4x07 Love's All Over05/03/2021
4x08 Hell Raisin' Good Time12/03/2021
4x11 Better Dig Two02/04/2021
4x12 Old Souls09/04/2021
La Garçonne
1x02 Épisode 231/08/2020
1x01 Épisode 131/08/2020
1x04 Épisode 407/09/2020
1x03 Épisode 307/09/2020
1x06 Épisode 614/09/2020
1x05 Épisode 514/09/2020
1x09 White Wedding10/09/2021