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Just Shoot Me! (Voilà !)
7x24 Strange Bedfellows00/00/0000
7x22 Evaluate This!00/00/0000
7x23 The Goodbye Girl00/00/0000
2x10 Elliott the Geek06/01/1998
2x15 Nina in the Cantina24/02/1998
2x16 College or Collagen26/02/1998
2x17 Nina's Bikini03/03/1998
2x21 Amblushed16/04/1998
2x24 Eve of Destruction05/05/1998
3x03 The Mask27/10/1998
3x05 Two Girls for Every Boy10/11/1998
3x07 Puppetmaster17/11/1998
3x14 Nina Sees Red (1)09/02/1999
3x15 Nina Sees Red (2)16/02/1999
3x16 Hostess to Murder23/02/1999
3x17 Toy Story02/03/1999
3x18 Miss Pretty23/03/1999
3x19 Maya's Nude Photos06/04/1999
3x20 And the Femmy Goes To...04/05/1999
3x21 Softball04/05/1999
3x22 Shaking Private Trainer11/05/1999
3x23 Nina's Choice18/05/1999
4x01 A Divorce to Remember21/09/1999
4x02 When Nina Met Elliott28/09/1999
4x04 Finch Gets Dick09/11/1999
4x07 An Axe to Grind23/11/1999
4x08 First Date25/11/1999
4x09 Love is in the Air30/11/1999
4x13 Dial 'N' for Murder08/02/2000
4x14 Paradise by the Dashboard Light (1)15/02/2000
4x16 The Pirate of Love22/02/2000
4x18 Blackjack28/03/2000
4x19 Blinded by the Right04/04/2000
4x20 Hot Nights in Paris18/04/2000
4x21 When Nina Met Her Parents27/04/2000
4x23 A&E Biography: Nina Van Horn09/05/2000
5x01 Hit the Road, Jack12/10/2000
5x04 Donnie Returns02/11/2000
5x05 Choosing to Be Super09/11/2000
5x06 Brandi, You're a Fine Girl16/11/2000
5x07 The First Thanksgiving23/11/2000
5x08 Slamming Jack07/12/2000
5x12 The Proposal (1)25/01/2001
5x13 The Proposal (2)01/02/2001
5x14 The Auction08/02/2001
5x15 Maya's and Tigers and Deans, Oh My15/02/2001
5x16 Sid & Nina22/02/2001
5x17 Where's Poppa?15/03/2001
5x19 Fanny Finch19/04/2001
5x22 At Long Last Allie10/05/2001
6x01 Finch in the Dogg House27/09/2001
6x02 The Two Faces of Finch (1)11/10/2001
6x03 The Two Faces of Finch (2)18/10/2001
6x04 Bye Bye Binnie25/10/2001
6x05 Maya Judging Amy01/11/2001
6x06 Finch Chasing Amy08/11/2001
6x07 The Impossible Dream15/11/2001
6x08 The Haves and the Have-Mores06/12/2001
6x09 Christmas? Christmas!13/12/2001
6x10 Nina Van Mom10/01/2002
6x11 Nina Van Grandma17/01/2002
6x12 Liotta? Liotta!31/01/2002
6x13 About a Boy07/02/2002
6x14 Friends and Neighbors28/02/2002
6x15 Blind Ambition07/03/2002
6x16 A Beautiful Mind25/03/2002
6x17 Educating Finch28/03/2002
6x18 The Book of Jack04/04/2002
6x19 Blush Gets Some Therapy11/04/2002
6x20 The Burning House18/04/2002
6x21 The Bad Grandma25/04/2002
6x22 The Boys in the Band02/05/2002
7x01 Guess Who's Coming to Blush08/10/2002
7x02 Mr. Jealousy15/10/2002
7x03 Nina and the Rocker22/10/2002
7x04 Halloween? Halloween!29/10/2002
7x05 Da Sister Who Loved DiMauro12/11/2002
7x06 That Burning Passion19/11/2002
7x07 The Write Stuff03/12/2002
7x08 It's Raining Babies07/01/2003
7x09 Watch Your Backdraft14/01/2003
7x10 Pictures of Lily22/04/2003
7x11 The Comedy Stylings of Rivers & Red22/04/2003
7x12 The Talented Mr. Finch12/07/2003
7x13 There's Something About Allison12/07/2003
7x15 A Simple Kiss of Fate19/07/2003
7x14 Rivals in Romance19/07/2003
7x16 Donnie Redeemed02/08/2003
7x17 My Fair Finchy02/08/2003
7x18 Son of a Preacher Man09/08/2003
7x19 The Last Temptation of Elliott09/08/2003
7x21 Future Issues16/08/2003
7x20 For the Last Time, I Do16/08/2003
1x05 The One with the East German Laundry Detergent20/10/1994
3x25 The One at the Beach15/05/1997
The Naked Truth (Une fille à scandales)
1x13 Shocking Tales of Hollywood Gunplay!03/01/1996
2x11 The Parents (1)03/04/1997
2x12 The Spa (2)03/04/1997
Hope & Gloria
2x17 A Sentimental Education23/03/1996
2x22 Come Back Lil' Tina22/06/1996
2x23 Three Women and a Dummy13/05/1996
2x24 Going Out With a Bang20/05/1996
3x15 In Her Dreams03/02/1997
3x21 All of Me07/04/1997
4x16 The Unnatural01/04/1997
5x02 The Gift Horse30/09/1997
5x03 Halloween (1)28/10/1997
5x06 Voyage of the Damned18/11/1997
5x12 The Zoo Story20/01/1998
5x18 Bad Dog07/04/1998
6x01 Good Grief24/09/1998
6x02 Frasier's Curse01/10/1998
6x06 Secret Admirer05/11/1998
6x07 How to Bury a Millionaire12/11/1998
6x09 Roz, a Loan10/12/1998
6x12 Our Parents, Ourselves21/01/1999
6x13 The Show Where Woody Shows Up04/02/1999
6x16 Decoys25/02/1999
6x23 Shutout in Seattle (1)20/05/1999
6x24 Shutout in Seattle (2)20/05/1999
7x04 Everyone's a Critic14/10/1999
7x05 The Dog That Rocks the Cradle21/10/1999
7x07 A Tsar is Born11/11/1999
7x10 Back Talk (1)09/12/1999
7x11 The Fight Before Christmas (2)16/12/1999
7x19 Morning Becomes Entertainment06/04/2000
7x21 Three Faces of Frasier04/05/2000
7x23 Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (1)18/05/2000
7x24 Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (2)18/05/2000
8x01 And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon (1)24/10/2000
8x02 And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon (2)24/10/2000
8x06 Legal Tender Love and Care28/11/2000
8x08 Mary Christmas12/12/2000
8x11 Motor Skills30/01/2001
8x13 Sliding Frasiers13/02/2001
8x18 Forgotten But Not Gone17/04/2001
8x19 Daphne Returns01/05/2001
The King of Queens (Un gars du Queens)
1x01 Pilot21/09/1998
1x06 Head First26/10/1998
1x07 The Rock02/11/1998
Love & Money
1x01 Pilot08/10/1999
Two and a Half Men (Mon oncle Charlie)
2x01 Back Off Mary Poppins20/09/2004
2x02 Enjoy Those Garlic Balls27/09/2004
2x03 A Bag Full of Jawea04/10/2004
2x04 Go Get Mommy's Bra11/10/2004
2x05 Bad News from the Clinic18/10/2004
2x06 The Price of Healthy Gums Is Eternal Vigilance25/10/2004
2x07 A Kosher Slaughterhouse Out in Fontana08/11/2004
2x08 Frankenstein and the Horny Villagers15/11/2004
2x09 Yes, Monsignor22/11/2004
2x10 The Salmon Under My Sweater29/11/2004
2x11 Last Chance to See Those Tattoos13/12/2004
2x12 A Lungful of Alan03/01/2005
2x13 Zejdz z Moich Wlosów a.k.a. Get Off My Hair17/01/2005
2x14 Those Big Pink Things with Coconut31/01/2005
2x15 Smell the Umbrella Stand07/02/2005
2x16 Can You Eat Human Flesh With Wooden Teeth?14/02/2005
2x17 Woo-Hoo, A Hernia-Exam!21/02/2005
2x18 It Was Mame, Mom07/03/2005
2x21 A Sympathetic Crotch to Cry On02/05/2005
2x24 Does This Smell Funny to You?23/05/2005
How I Met Your Mother
1x01 Pilot19/09/2005
1x02 Purple Giraffe26/09/2005
1x03 Sweet Taste of Liberty03/10/2005
1x04 Return of the Shirt10/10/2005
1x05 Okay Awesome17/10/2005
1x06 Slutty Pumpkin24/10/2005
1x07 Matchmaker07/11/2005
1x08 The Duel14/11/2005
1x09 Belly Full of Turkey21/11/2005
1x10 The Pineapple Incident28/11/2005
1x11 The Limo19/12/2005
1x12 The Wedding09/01/2006
1x13 Drumroll, Please23/01/2006
1x14 Zip, Zip, Zip06/02/2006
1x15 Game Night27/02/2006
1x16 Cupcake06/03/2006
1x17 Life Among The Gorillas20/03/2006
1x18 Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.10/04/2006
1x19 Mary the Paralegal24/04/2006
1x20 Best Prom Ever01/05/2006
1x21 Milk08/05/2006
1x22 Come On15/05/2006
2x01 Where Were We?18/09/2006
2x03 Brunch02/10/2006
2x04 Ted Mosby, Architect09/10/2006
2x05 World's Greatest Couple16/10/2006
2x06 Aldrin Justice23/10/2006
2x07 Swarley06/11/2006
2x08 Atlantic City13/11/2006
2x09 Slap Bet20/11/2006
2x10 Single Stamina27/11/2006
2x11 How Lily Stole Christmas11/12/2006
2x12 First Time In New York08/01/2007
2x15 Lucky Penny12/02/2007
2x16 Stuff19/02/2007
2x17 Arrivederci, Fiero26/02/2007
2x18 Moving Day19/03/2007
2x19 Bachelor Party09/04/2007
2x20 Showdown30/04/2007
2x21 Something Borrowed07/05/2007
2x22 Something Blue14/05/2007
3x01 Wait For It24/09/2007
3x02 We're Not From Here01/10/2007
3x03 Third Wheel08/10/2007
3x05 How I Met Everyone Else22/10/2007
3x06 I'm Not That Guy22/10/2007
3x07 Dowisetrepla05/11/2007
3x08 Spoiler Alert12/11/2007
3x09 Slapsgiving19/11/2007
3x10 The Yips26/11/2007
3x11 The Platinum Rule10/12/2007
3x12 No Tomorrow17/03/2008
3x13 Ten Sessions24/03/2008
3x14 The Bracket31/03/2008
3x15 The Chain of Screaming14/04/2008
3x16 Sandcastles in the Sand21/04/2008
3x17 The Goat28/04/2008
3x18 Rebound Bro05/05/2008
3x19 Everything Must Go12/05/2008
3x20 Miracles19/05/2008
4x01 Do I Know You?22/09/2008
4x02 The Best Burger in New York29/09/2008
4x03 I Heart NJ06/10/2008
4x05 Shelter Island20/10/2008
4x06 Happily Ever After03/11/2008
4x07 Not a Father's Day10/11/2008
4x08 Woooo!17/11/2008
4x09 The Naked Man24/11/2008
4x10 The Fight08/12/2008
4x11 Little Minnesota15/12/2008
4x12 Benefits12/01/2009
4x13 Three Days of Snow19/01/2009
4x14 The Possimpible02/02/2009
4x15 The Stinsons02/03/2009
4x16 Sorry, Bro09/03/2009
4x18 Old King Clancy23/03/2009
4x19 Murtaugh30/03/2009
4x20 Mosbius Designs13/04/2009
4x21 The Three Days Rule27/04/2009
4x22 Right Place Right Time04/05/2009
4x23 As Fast as She Can11/05/2009
4x24 The Leap18/05/2009
5x01 Definitions21/09/2009
5x02 Double Date28/09/2009
5x03 Robin 10105/10/2009
5x04 The Sexless Innkeeper12/10/2009
5x05 Duel Citizenship19/10/2009
5x06 Bagpipes02/11/2009
5x07 The Rough Patch09/11/2009
5x08 The Playbook16/11/2009
5x09 Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap23/11/2009
5x10 The Window07/12/2009
5x11 Last Cigarette Ever14/12/2009
5x12 Girls vs. Suits11/01/2010
5x14 The Perfect Week01/02/2010
5x15 Rabbit or Duck08/02/2010
5x16 Hooked01/03/2010
5x17 Of Course08/03/2010
5x18 Say Cheese22/03/2010
5x19 Zoo or False12/04/2010
5x20 Home Wreckers19/04/2010
5x21 Twin Beds03/05/2010
5x23 The Wedding Bride17/05/2010
5x24 Doppelgangers24/05/2010
6x01 Big Days20/09/2010
6x02 Cleaning House27/09/2010
6x03 Unfinished04/10/2010
6x04 Subway Wars11/10/2010
6x05 Architect of Destruction18/10/2010
6x06 Baby Talk25/10/2010
6x07 Canning Randy01/11/2010
6x08 Natural History08/11/2010
6x09 Glitter15/11/2010
6x10 Blitzgiving22/11/2010
6x11 The Mermaid Theory06/12/2010
6x12 False Positive13/12/2010
6x13 Bad News03/01/2011
6x14 Last Words17/01/2011
6x15 Oh Honey07/02/2011
6x16 Desperation Day14/02/2011
6x18 A Change of Heart28/02/2011
6x19 Legendaddy21/03/2011
6x20 The Exploding Meatball Sub11/04/2011
6x21 Hopeless18/04/2011
6x22 The Perfect Cocktail02/05/2011
6x23 Landmarks09/05/2011
6x24 Challenge Accepted16/05/2011
7x01 The Best Man19/09/2011
7x02 The Naked Truth19/09/2011
7x03 Ducky Tie26/09/2011
7x04 The Stinson Missile Crisis03/10/2011
7x05 Field Trip10/10/2011
7x06 Mystery vs. History17/10/2011
7x07 Noretta24/10/2011
7x08 The Slutty Pumpkin Returns31/10/2011
7x10 Tick Tick Tick...14/11/2011
7x11 The Rebound Girl21/11/2011
7x12 Symphony of Illumination05/12/2011
7x13 Tailgate02/01/2012
7x14 46 Minutes16/01/2012
7x15 The Burning Beekeeper06/02/2012
7x16 The Drunk Train13/02/2012
7x17 No Pressure20/02/2012
7x18 Karma27/02/2012
7x19 The Broath19/03/2012
7x20 Trilogy Time09/04/2012
7x21 Now We're Even16/04/2012
7x22 Good Crazy30/04/2012
7x23 The Magician's Code (1)14/05/2012
7x24 The Magician's Code (2)14/05/2012
8x01 Farhampton24/09/2012
8x02 The Pre-Nup01/10/2012
8x03 Nannies08/10/2012
8x04 Who Wants to Be a Godparent?15/10/2012
8x05 The Autumn of Break-Ups05/11/2012
8x06 Splitsville12/11/2012
8x07 The Stamp Tramp19/11/2012
8x08 Twelve Horny Women26/11/2012
8x09 Lobster Crawl03/12/2012
8x10 The Over-Correction10/12/2012
8x11 The Final Page (1)17/12/2012
8x12 The Final Page (2)17/12/2012
8x13 Band or DJ?14/01/2013
8x14 Ring Up!21/01/2013
8x15 P.S. I Love You04/02/2013
8x16 Bad Crazy11/02/2013
8x17 The Ashtray18/02/2013
8x18 Weekend at Barney's25/02/2013
8x20 The Time Travelers25/03/2013
8x21 Romeward Bound15/04/2013
8x22 The Bro Mitzvah29/04/2013
8x23 Something Old06/05/2013
8x24 Something New13/05/2013
9x01 The Locket23/09/2013
9x02 Coming Back23/09/2013
9x03 Last Time in New York30/09/2013
9x04 The Broken Code07/10/2013
9x05 The Poker Game14/10/2013
9x06 Knight Vision21/10/2013
9x07 No Questions Asked28/10/2013
9x08 The Lighthouse04/11/2013
9x09 Platonish11/11/2013
9x10 Mom and Dad18/11/2013
9x11 Bedtime Stories25/11/2013
9x12 The Rehearsal Dinner02/12/2013
9x13 Bass Player Wanted16/12/2013
9x14 Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra13/01/2014
9x15 Unpause20/01/2014
9x16 How Your Mother Met Me27/01/2014
9x17 Sunrise03/02/2014
9x18 Rally24/02/2014
9x19 Vesuvius03/03/2014
9x20 Daisy10/03/2014
9x21 Gary Blauman17/03/2014
9x22 The End of the Aisle24/03/2014
9x23 Last Forever (1)31/03/2014
9x24 Last Forever (2)31/03/2014
Accidentally on Purpose (Parents par accident)
1x01 Pilot21/09/2009
1x02 Memento28/09/2009
1x01 Pilot23/09/2013
The McCarthys
1x03 The Good Coach13/11/2014
1x04 Supporting Jackie20/11/2014
1x05 Thanks a Lot, Ronny27/11/2014
1x06 Why Guys Shouldn’t Date Their Sister’s Ex04/12/2014
1x07 Arthur and Marjorie's Night Apart11/12/2014
1x08 Red Sox Swap18/12/2014
1x10 Hall of Fame15/01/2015
1x11 The Ref29/01/2015
1x13 Cutting The Cord04/07/2015
1x14 Family Therapy11/07/2015
1x15 End Games11/07/2015
Truth Be Told (2015)
1x01 Pilot16/10/2015
1x02 Adult Content23/10/2015
1x04 Psychic Chicken06/11/2015
1x05 Members Only13/11/2015
1x06 Guess Who's Coming to Decorate20/11/2015
1x09 The Tell-tale Tacos25/12/2015
1x10 The Wedding25/12/2015
The Odd Couple (2015)
3x03 I Kid, You Not31/10/2016
3x12 The God Couple30/01/2017
3x13 Conscious Odd Coupling30/01/2017
One Day at a Time (2017) (Au fil des jours (2017))
1x01 This Is It06/01/2017
1x02 Bobos and Mamitas06/01/2017
1x12 Hurricane Victor06/01/2017
1x13 Quinces06/01/2017
2x01 The Turn26/01/2018
2x02 Schooled26/01/2018
2x06 Work Hard, Play Hard26/01/2018
2x07 Exclusive26/01/2018
2x11 Homecoming26/01/2018
2x13 Not Yet26/01/2018
3x02 Outside08/02/2019
1x01 Pilot28/03/2019
1x02 Rule Change04/04/2019
1x03 Free Alcohol Day11/04/2019
1x06 Liquid Courage02/05/2019
1x07 Soda Gun09/05/2019
1x09 Rosie's Band30/05/2019
Merry Happy Whatever
1x01 Welcome, Matt28/11/2019
1x04 Happy Mall-idays28/11/2019
1x08 Ring in the New Year28/11/2019

Scénariste de séries

Courting Alex (Alex Rose)
1x01 A Tale of Two Kisses23/01/2006