Nobutaka Nishizawa

Né le 8 mars 1940 (80 ans)

Japon Nationalité japonaise

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1986 The Adventures of the American Rabbit85
1977 Les Cygnes Sauvages (Sekai Meisaku Dôwa: Hakuchô no Ôji)61
Moyenne de tous ses films12.5

Réalisation / Court-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1994 Slam Dunk: Hanamichi vs Oda (court-métrage)29
1992 Dragon Quest : La grande aventure de Dai! Destruction !! la résurrection des 6 (Dragon Quest Dai no Daibōken Buchiyagare!! Shinsei Roku Daishōgun) (court-métrage)40
Moyenne de tous ses films12.5

Réalisation de séries

Arrow Emblem Grand Prix no Taka (Grand prix)
1x01 Season 1, Episode 122/09/1977
1x02 Season 1, Episode 229/09/1977
1x03 Season 1, Episode 306/10/1977
1x04 Season 1, Episode 413/10/1977
1x05 Season 1, Episode 520/10/1977
1x06 Season 1, Episode 627/10/1977
1x07 Season 1, Episode 703/11/1977
1x08 Season 1, Episode 810/11/1977
1x09 Season 1, Episode 917/11/1977
1x10 Season 1, Episode 1024/11/1977
1x11 Season 1, Episode 1101/12/1977
1x12 Season 1, Episode 1208/12/1977
1x13 Season 1, Episode 1315/12/1977
1x14 Season 1, Episode 1422/12/1977
1x15 Season 1, Episode 1529/12/1977
1x16 Season 1, Episode 1605/01/1978
1x17 Season 1, Episode 1712/01/1978
1x18 Season 1, Episode 1819/01/1978
1x19 Season 1, Episode 1926/01/1978
1x20 Season 1, Episode 2002/02/1978
1x21 Season 1, Episode 2109/02/1978
1x22 Season 1, Episode 2216/02/1978
1x23 Season 1, Episode 2306/04/1978
1x24 Season 1, Episode 2413/04/1978
1x25 Season 1, Episode 2520/04/1978
1x26 Season 1, Episode 2627/04/1978
1x27 Season 1, Episode 2704/05/1978
1x28 Season 1, Episode 2811/05/1978
1x29 Season 1, Episode 2918/05/1978
1x30 Season 1, Episode 3025/05/1978
1x31 Season 1, Episode 3101/06/1978
1x32 Season 1, Episode 3208/06/1978
1x33 Season 1, Episode 3315/06/1978
1x34 Season 1, Episode 3422/06/1978
1x35 Season 1, Episode 3529/06/1978
1x36 Season 1, Episode 3606/07/1978
1x37 Season 1, Episode 3713/07/1978
1x38 Season 1, Episode 3820/07/1978
1x39 Season 1, Episode 3927/07/1978
1x40 Season 1, Episode 4003/08/1978
1x41 Season 1, Episode 4110/08/1978
1x42 Season 1, Episode 4217/08/1978
1x43 Season 1, Episode 4324/08/1978
1x44 Season 1, Episode 4431/08/1978
Slam Dunk
1x01 The Gifted Basketball Player Is Born!?16/10/1993
1x02 Bie Basketball! Hanamichi vs. Rukawa30/10/1993
1x03 Gorilla vs. Hanamichi! Big Showdown!!06/11/1993
1x04 Basket Man Hanamichi Joins The Team13/11/1993
1x05 A Fruitless Afternoon20/11/1993
1x06 Rukawa vs. Akagi. The Real Showdown04/12/1993
1x07 Hanamichi Debut!! Dunk Sakuretsu!! Duel11/12/1993
1x08 Hanamichi's Crisis! The Judo-man's Trap18/12/1993
1x09 I'm Going To Play Basketball25/12/1993
1x10 The Commoner's Shoot Is Difficult08/01/1994
1x11 Our Love's Special Secret Training15/01/1994
1x12 Defeat Ryonan! The Fierce Training The Night Before The Match22/01/1994
1x13 Shohoku vs Ryonan. The Secret Weapon29/01/1994
1x14 Super Basketball Match With Ryonan05/02/1994
1x15 Secret Weapon Hanamichi Steps Into the Spotlight12/02/1994
1x16 All Out Counter Attack19/02/1994
1x17 The Rebound King Sakuragi Hanamichi's Distress26/02/1994
1x18 Last 2 Minutes! I'll Be the One To Defeat Sendoh05/03/1994
1x19 Time's Up! The Decisive Battle with Ryonan12/03/1994
1x20 Basketball Shoes19/03/1994
1x21 Enormous Trouble Makers Hanamichi vs Miyaga26/03/1994
1x22 Enemies Who Become Friends16/04/1994
1x23 Extremely Violent Incident!23/04/1994
1x24 The Battle for Justice! Sakuragi's Goon Squad Joins!30/04/1994
1x25 The Past Of An MVP07/05/1994
1x26 Mitsui, The Problems Of The Past14/05/1994
1x27 Turning Back21/05/1994
1x28 The Beginning of Interhigh Preliminaries28/05/1994
1x29 Hanamichi! Pennant Race Debut18/06/1994
1x30 The Introspective Army's Big Counterattack25/06/1994
1x31 Formidable Enemy Miuradai's Secret Weapon02/07/1994
1x32 Genius Hanamichi! Certain Death Dunk16/07/1994
1x33 Walkout King!? Sakuragi's Righteousness06/08/1994
1x34 Gorilla's Initiation, Kill with Your Eyes!20/08/1994
1x35 Hot Blooded Guys27/08/1994
1x36 A Well Seeded School, Enter Shoyo03/09/1994
1x37 Hanamichi, Hatsu Sutamen!10/09/1994
1x38 Rukawa's Counterattack!17/09/1994
1x39 Lightning Flash Ryota!24/09/1994
1x40 Tensai Hanamichi Shows Off!01/10/1994
1x41 Shoyo Coach Enters The Court08/10/1994
1x42 Shoyo Ace Fujima's Real Ability15/10/1994
1x43 Has Mitsui Reached His Limit!?22/10/1994
1x44 Mitsui! Stormy 3 Points03/11/1994
1x45 Imminent Walkout!? Hanamichi's Pinch26/11/1994
1x46 Hanamichi, Hot Dunk03/12/1994
1x47 Challenge From A Rival10/12/1994
1x48 The Guy Who Pledged To Defeat Kainan17/12/1994
1x49 Takezono, Last Fight24/12/1994
1x50 Challenge To The King07/01/1995
1x51 Outside Accounts!? Hanamichi at His Best!14/01/1995
1x52 Sakuragi's Confinement's Secret Weapon21/01/1995
1x53 The Gorilla's Injury! Desperate Situation!?28/01/1995
1x54 King Kong, Younger Brother04/02/1995
1x55 The Guy Who Dominates the Game11/02/1995
1x56 Ace Shepherd, Full Throttle18/02/1995
1x57 Anzai, Bet on Victory!25/02/1995
1x58 Stubborn Guys!04/03/1995
1x59 Last 10 Seconds! A Perfect Conclusion11/03/1995
1x60 To Relieve Guilt: Shave Head ?!18/03/1995
1x61 Baldy Attacks Back!25/03/1995
1x62 Three-day Super Training08/04/1995
1x63 Ryonan's Genius Plan15/04/1995
1x64 Kainan Rebounds!22/04/1995
1x65 The Strongest Rival29/04/1995
1x66 Sendoh's Scheme13/05/1995
1x67 The Final Battle!20/05/1995
1x68 Sakuragi Hanamichi Comes To Rescue!27/05/1995
1x69 Gorilla Goes Astray03/06/1995
1x70 King Kong Number Two!10/06/1995
1x71 Gorilla Revives!17/06/1995
1x72 The Greatest Shame Of One's Life01/07/1995
1x73 Rukawa Kaede, Gambling On The 2nd Half08/07/1995
1x74 The Most Dangerous Challenger!15/07/1995
1x75 Peak Performance22/07/1995
1x76 The Feeling Of Victory05/08/1995
1x77 You Guys Are Strong!12/08/1995
1x78 Uozumi Revives19/08/1995
1x79 Blue Waves - Ryonan Attacks Back!26/08/1995
1x80 Shohoku's Problems02/09/1995
1x81 Sendoh Attacks! Shohoku Loses23/09/1995
1x82 Amateur Sakuragi Hanamichi Shows Off!21/10/1995
1x83 Kogure's Determination28/10/1995
1x84 Win or Lose04/11/1995
1x85 New Challenge: The National Championship!11/11/1995
1x86 Rukawa Kaede's Ambition18/11/1995
1x87 Japan's Number Basketball Player25/11/1995
1x88 The Basketball Kingdom - United States of America02/12/1995
1x89 Rukawa Kaede's Spirit09/12/1995
1x90 Shohoku's Real Ace16/12/1995
1x91 The Sudden Barrier To The Nationals23/12/1995
1x92 Guys - Sakuragi Gang13/01/1996
1x93 Going Toward 20000 Shoots20/01/1996
1x94 Shohoku vs. Jousei27/01/1996
1x95 The Day When Sakuragi's Fired Up!03/02/1996
1x100 The One Who Brought Forth A Miracle - Sakuragi!09/02/1996
1x96 Basketball Shoes Part II10/02/1996
1x97 Mixed Feelings, Uozumi Returns17/02/1996
1x98 Shohoku vs. Shoyo / Ryonan24/02/1996
1x101 SLAM DUNK!23/03/1996
1x99 Facing The Strongest Yeam, Shohoku In Danger!02/09/1996