Nick Marck

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2003 Le sapin a les boules 2 : Cousin Eddie (Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure) 83
1998 The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story77
Moyenne de tous ses films5.75

Réalisation de séries

American Gothic (1995)
1x19 Potato Boy00/00/0000
Sex, Love & Secrets
1x07 Abandonment00/00/0000
1x13 Appearances16/01/1987
1x18 The Wedding21/03/1987
The Wonder Years (1988) (Les années coup de cœur)
4x04 The Cost of Living10/10/1990
4x08 The Sixth Man28/11/1990
4x15 Buster27/02/1991
4x23 The Wonder Years15/05/1991
5x14 Private Butthead05/02/1992
Northern Exposure (Bienvenue en Alaska)
2x03 All is Vanity22/04/1991
3x01 The Bumpy Road to Love23/09/1991
3x04 Animals 'R' Us14/10/1991
3x19 Wake Up Call23/03/1992
3x22 Our Wedding11/05/1992
4x03 Nothing's Perfect12/10/1992
4x09 Do the Right Thing30/11/1992
4x20 Homesick15/03/1993
5x05 A River Doesn't Run Through It25/10/1993
Dream On
3x25 Dance Ten, Sex Three14/11/1992
4x05 Reach out and Touch Yourself30/06/1993
5x05 Judy and the Beast20/07/1994
5x06 The Homecoming Queen27/07/1994
6x05 9 1/2 Days16/08/1995
Get Smart (1995) (Le retour de Max La Menace)
1x01 Pilot08/01/1995
1x02 Casino Evil15/01/1995
1x03 Goodbye Ms. Chip22/01/1995
1x04 Shoot Up the Charts29/01/1995
1x05 Passenger 9905/02/1995
1x06 Wurst Enemies12/02/1995
1x07 Liver Let Die19/02/1995
The X-Files (X-Files : Aux frontières du réel)
2x16 Colony (1)10/02/1995
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (M. et Mme Smith)
1x04 The Poor Pitiful Put-Upon Singer Episode11/10/1996
Charmed (1998)
1x05 Dream Sorcerer04/11/1998
Cupid (1998) (Love Therapy)
1x12 Grand Delusions14/01/1999
Dawson's Creek (Dawson)
2x11 Sex She Wrote20/01/1999
3x04 Home Movies20/10/1999
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy contre les vampires)
4x09 Something Blue30/11/1999
5x07 Fool for Love14/11/2000
5x12 Checkpoint23/01/2001
6x05 Life Serial23/10/2001
6x12 Doublemeat Palace29/01/2002
7x02 Beneath You01/10/2002
7x07 Conversations with Dead People12/11/2002
1x12 Into the Woods26/01/2000
Malcolm in the Middle (Malcolm)
1x04 Shame06/02/2000
Angel (US)
1x16 The Ring29/02/2000
Gilmore Girls
1x17 The Breakup, Part 215/03/2001
Dark Angel
2x07 Some Assembly Required16/11/2001
1x06 Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum09/08/2002
The Dead Zone (Dead Zone)
2x07 Misbegotten23/02/2003
Veronica Mars
1x07 The Girl Next Door09/11/2004
1x10 An Echolls Family Christmas14/12/2004
1x17 Kanes and Abel's05/04/2005
1x19 Hot Dogs19/04/2005
2x02 Driver Ed05/10/2005
2x07 Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner16/11/2005
2x09 My Mother, the Fiend30/11/2005
3x05 President Evil31/10/2006
3x10 Show Me the Monkey23/01/2007
3x18 I Know What You'll Do Next Summer15/05/2007
1x05 Guilty18/07/2005
1x07 Lost & Found01/08/2005
Hidden Palms (Les secrets de Palm Springs)
1x04 What Liza Beneath20/06/2007
1x04 Picking Teams30/07/2007
1x06 Friday Night Frights13/08/2007
1x13 Highway to the Discomfort Zone07/04/2008
1x20 A Tale of Two Parties26/05/2008
Side Order of Life
1x12 Nothing Left to Lose07/10/2007
October Road
2x02 How to Kiss Hello26/11/2007
1x03 All About What You Really, Really Want23/09/2008
90210 (90210 : Beverly Hills - Nouvelle Génération)
1x09 Secrets and Lies04/11/2008
1x23 Zero Tolerance12/05/2009
Easy Money
1x05 Extra Mayo26/07/2009
Life UneXpected
1x05 Turtle Undefeated15/02/2010
1x06 Truth Unrevealed22/02/2010
2x03 Criminal Incriminated28/09/2010