Nicholas Sgarro

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Né le 10 septembre 1925 à Philadelphie, Pennsylvanie (Etats-Unis) (94 ans)

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Nick Sgarro

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
1975 Madam' (The Happy Hooker)98

Réalisation de séries

Kojak (1973)
3x07 Life, Liberation, and the Pursuit of Death26/10/1975
4x06 An Unfair Trade31/10/1976
4x18 I Was Happy Where I Was25/01/1977
5x03 Laid Off16/10/1977
5x05 Once More from Birdland30/10/1977
5x07 Letters of Death13/11/1977
5x11 Case Without a File17/12/1977
Charlie's Angels (1976) (Drôles de Dames)
1x20 I Will Be Remembered09/03/1977
Starsky & Hutch
3x17 Satan's Witches08/02/1978
3x20 Foxy Lady01/03/1978
Knots Landing (Côte Ouest)
1x07 Land of the Free07/02/1980
1x10 Small Surprises06/03/1980
2x04 Chance of a Lifetime11/12/1980
2x05 Kristin18/12/1980
2x17 Designs26/03/1981
3x02 Critical Condition19/11/1981
3x12 Possibilities11/02/1982
3x14 Cricket04/03/1982
3x16 Silver Shadows25/03/1982
4x01 A Brand New Day30/09/1982
4x04 Svengali21/10/1982
5x01 The People vs. Gary Ewing29/09/1983
5x03 Nowhere to Run13/10/1983
5x07 Sacred Vows10/11/1983
5x09 Money Talks24/11/1983
5x11 I'll Tell You No Lies08/12/1983
5x13 Witness22/12/1983
6x12 Uncharted Territory27/12/1984
6x14 #14 With a Bullet10/01/1985
6x19 Rough Edges14/02/1985
7x02 Here in My Arms03/10/1985
7x08 Pictures at a Wedding14/11/1985
7x15 Web of Lies09/01/1986
7x24 Phoenix Rising27/03/1986
8x14 Gifts11/12/1986
8x16 The Unraveling01/01/1987
8x22 In Mourning19/02/1987
9x03 Under Pressure08/10/1987
9x05 There Are Smiles22/10/1987
9x18 The Blushing Bride11/02/1988
9x20 Bouncing Babies25/02/1988
10x04 The Pick-Up Game24/11/1988
10x09 A Many Splendored Thing05/01/1989
10x26 The Heat of Passion11/05/1989
11x02 Poetic Justice05/10/1989
11x06 When Push Comes to Shove02/11/1989
11x26 My Love Always26/04/1990
11x28 The Fan Club10/05/1990
12x02 Blind Side20/09/1990
12x04 Dead But Not Buried18/10/1990
12x06 You Can Call Me Nick01/11/1990
12x10 The Lady or the Tiger06/12/1990
12x13 The Unknown03/01/1991
12x18 Call Me Dimitri21/02/1991
12x24 The Last One Out25/04/1991
13x02 The Question Game19/09/1991
13x04 I, Claudia03/10/1991
13x18 Dedicated to the One I Love27/02/1992
14x01 Found and Lost29/10/1992
14x04 Rescue Me19/11/1992
14x08 A Death in the Family07/01/1993
14x11 The Get-Away28/01/1993
14x13 Farewell, My Lovely11/02/1993
Flamingo Road
1x06 The Fish Fry03/02/1981
6x10 Fallout19/12/1982
Dallas (1978)
6x25 Tangled Web01/04/1983
1x06 The Seduction14/10/1986
1x07 The Don (1)28/10/1986
1x16 The Rat Pack20/01/1987
Falcon Crest
6x07 Double Jeopardy14/11/1986
6x09 Slow Seduction28/11/1986
6x11 Hot Spots12/12/1986
7x20 Channing vs. Channing11/03/1988
8x07 Life with Father16/12/1988
8x11 True Confessions03/02/1989
8x14 Uneasy Allies03/03/1989
Second Chances (Mystères à Santa Rita)
1x05 I Can't Get No Satisfaxion23/12/1993