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The Vampire Diaries
4x19 Pictures of You18/04/2013
5x08 Dead Man on Campus21/11/2013
5x17 Rescue Me27/03/2014
6x04 Black Hole Sun23/10/2014
6x17 A Bird in a Gilded Cage19/03/2015
7x04 I Carry Your Heart With Me29/10/2015
7x10 Hell Is Other People29/01/2016
7x17 I Went to the Woods08/04/2016
7x21 Requiem for a Dream06/05/2016
8x04 An Eternity of Misery11/11/2016
8x09 The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch20/01/2017
8x13 The Lies Will Catch Up With You17/02/2017
1x05 Living with the Enemy07/10/2018
1x10 Bluebeard's Castle11/11/2018
2x03 What Are Friends For?26/12/2019
2x10 Love, Actually26/12/2019
Doom Patrol
1x02 Donkey Patrol22/02/2019
1x07 Therapy Patrol29/03/2019
2x02 Tyme Patrol25/06/2020
2x06 Space Patrol16/07/2020