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Réalisation de séries

HOLBY CI+Y (Holby City)
5x07 Old Friends19/11/2002
5x08 Ladies' Night26/11/2002
5x24 For Better, for Worse18/03/2003
Hustle (Les Arnaqueurs VIP)
1x04 Cops and Robbers16/03/2004
1x05 A Touch of Class23/03/2004
Skins (UK)
1x05 Sid22/02/2007
1x07 Michelle08/03/2007
New Tricks (Flics toujours)
4x06 Buried Treasure14/05/2007
4x08 Big Topped28/05/2007
Doc Martin (UK)
4x04 Driving Mr McLynn11/10/2009
4x05 The Departed18/10/2009
Call the Midwife
2x07 Series 2, Episode 703/03/2013
2x08 Series 2, Episode 810/03/2013
3x07 Series 3, Episode 702/03/2014
3x08 Series 3, Episode 809/03/2014
Downton Abbey
5x04 Series 5, Episode 412/10/2014
5x05 Series 5, Episode 519/10/2014
5x09 A Moorland Holiday25/12/2014
6x01 Series 6, Episode 120/09/2015
6x02 Series 6, Episode 227/09/2015
1x02 Einstein: Chapter Two30/04/2017
1x03 Einstein: Chapter Three07/05/2017
Better Call Saul
3x09 Fall12/06/2017
4x01 Smoke06/08/2018
Marvel's Jessica Jones
2x02 AKA Freak Accident08/03/2018
Here and Now (2018)
1x09 Dream Logic08/04/2018
The Village (2019)
1x01 Pilot19/03/2019
1x08 Choosing to Hope07/05/2019
2x03 Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday14/04/2019
Dead to Me
1x05 I've Gotta Get Away03/05/2019
1x06 Oh My God03/05/2019