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Saved by the Bell: The New Class (Sauvés par le gong : La nouvelle classe)
5x01 Desperately Seeking Work13/09/1997
5x02 Suddenly Ryan13/09/1997
5x03 It's Not About Winning20/09/1997
5x04 Football & Physics20/09/1997
5x05 Highs and Lows27/09/1997
5x06 Letting Go27/09/1997
5x08 Boy II Man04/10/1997
5x07 The Great Stain Robbery04/10/1997
5x10 Her Brother's Keeper11/10/1997
5x14 Liz's Choice25/10/1997
5x15 State Champs01/11/1997
5x16 Screech and the Substitute01/11/1997
5x18 Foreign Behavior08/11/1997
5x17 Love, Bayside Style08/11/1997
5x20 Foreign Affairs15/11/1997
5x19 Thanks for Giving15/11/1997
5x22 Goodbye Paris22/11/1997
5x21 Putting up Walls22/11/1997
5x23 Private Peterson29/11/1997
5x24 Into the Woods29/11/1997
5x25 Mission: Control06/12/1997
5x26 Forget and Forgive06/12/1997
6x01 Maria's Revenge12/09/1998
6x02 Do the Write Thing19/09/1998
6x03 The Lyin' King26/09/1998
6x04 The Young and the Sleepless03/10/1998
6x05 Cigar Wars10/10/1998
6x06 Win, Lose or Cheat17/10/1998
6x07 Hands Off24/10/1998
6x08 Guess Who's Running the Max31/10/1998
6x09 Mind Games07/11/1998
6x10 Free for All14/11/1998
6x11 Loser21/11/1998
6x12 Bye-Bye Tony28/11/1998
6x13 Seasons Greed-ings05/12/1998
7x01 Show Me the Money11/09/1999
7x02 Prescription for Trouble18/09/1999
7x03 ME TV02/10/1999
7x04 The Captain and Maria09/10/1999
7x05 Liz Burns Eric16/10/1999
7x06 The X-Friends Files23/10/1999
7x07 Don't Follow the Leader30/10/1999
7x08 A Mall Shook Up07/11/1999
7x09 Party Animals13/11/1999
7x10 The Last Prom20/11/1999
7x11 Mr. B. Goes to College27/11/1999
7x12 The Bell Tolls04/12/1999
7x13 A Repair to Remember08/01/2000
Hang Time (La fille de l'équipe)
5x01 Hello and Goodbye11/09/1999
5x02 Managing Michael18/09/1999
5x03 Beer Pressure02/10/1999
5x04 Extreme Eugene09/10/1999
5x05 Too Good to Be True16/10/1999
5x06 Shall We Dance?23/10/1999
5x07 Joint Venture30/10/1999
5x08 Revolver, Problem Solver?06/11/1999
5x09 Tolerance13/11/1999
5x10 Big Brother Blues20/11/1999
5x11 Finals Fury27/11/1999
5x12 The Upset04/12/1999
5x13 Fighting for Your Dreams08/01/2000
5x14 My Family11/03/2000
6x01 www.eugene.trouble.com23/09/2000
6x02 That '60s Show30/09/2000
6x03 The Gospel According to Silk07/10/2000
6x04 The Enforcer14/10/2000
6x05 Have No Fear21/10/2000
6x06 At the Movies28/10/2000
6x07 Life 10104/11/2000
6x08 Secrets and Lies11/11/2000
6x09 For the Love of the Game18/11/2000
6x10 A Night to Remember02/12/2000
6x11 High School Confidential09/12/2000
6x12 Graduation on Three16/12/2000