Michael Trim

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

4x12 Till We Meet Again08/09/2008
5x06 A Modest Proposal13/07/2009
5x09 Suck 'N' Spit03/08/2009
6x06 A Shoe for a Shoe27/09/2010
6x09 To Moscow, and Quickly18/10/2010
6x11 Viking Pride01/11/2010
7x02 From Trauma Cometh Something04/07/2011
7x06 Object Impermanence01/08/2011
7x08 Synthetics15/08/2011
7x09 Cats! Cats! Cats!22/08/2011
7x13 Do Her/Don't Do Her26/09/2011
8x01 Messy01/07/2012
8x02 A Beam of Sunshine08/07/2012
8x04 Only Judy Can Judge22/07/2012
8x05 Red in Tooth and Claw29/07/2012
8x09 Saplings26/08/2012
8x12 It's Time (1)16/09/2012
8x13 It's Time (2)16/09/2012
Parks and Recreation
2x19 Park Safety18/03/2010
3x09 Fancy Party14/04/2011
4x13 Bowling For Votes26/01/2012
6x08 Fluoride21/11/2013
Orange Is the New Black
1x01 I Wasn't Ready11/07/2013
1x04 Imaginary Enemies11/07/2013
1x06 WAC Pack11/07/2013
1x09 F...sgiving11/07/2013
1x13 Can't Fix Crazy11/07/2013
2x02 Looks Blue, Tastes Red06/06/2014
2x03 Hugs Can Be Deceiving06/06/2014
3x03 Empathy Is a Boner Killer11/06/2015
5x08 Tied to the Tracks09/06/2017
6x01 Who Knows Better Than I27/07/2018
7x01 Beginning of the End26/07/2019
1x03 Messengers09/02/2016
1x04 Rubberneck16/02/2016
2x05 We Are Kinnah21/02/2017
2x06 Kill or Be Killed28/02/2017
1x07 Hey, is Charlie There?24/02/2017
Dispatches from Elsewhere
1x03 Janice09/03/2020
1x04 Fredwynn16/03/2020
1x08 Lee13/04/2020