Michael Narducci

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

The 4400 (Les 4400)
4x05 Try The Pie15/07/2007
4x10 One of Us19/08/2007
Medium (Médium)
5x06 Apocalypse...Now?09/03/2009
5x12 The Devil Inside (2)27/04/2009
5x14 How to Make a Killing in Big Business (2)04/05/2009
5x18 The Talented Ms. Boddicker25/05/2009
6x04 The Medium is the Message16/10/2009
6x15 How To Beat A Bad Guy05/03/2010
6x21 Dead Meat14/05/2010
7x01 Bring Your Daughter to Work Day24/09/2010
7x04 How to Kill a Good Guy15/10/2010
The Vampire Diaries
2x18 The Last Dance14/04/2011
2x22 As I Lay Dying12/05/2011
3x05 The Reckoning13/10/2011
3x10 The New Deal05/01/2012
3x15 All My Children16/02/2012
3x20 Do Not Go Gentle26/04/2012
4x05 The Killer08/11/2012
4x11 Catch Me If You Can24/01/2013
4x16 Bring It On14/03/2013
4x21 She's Come Undone02/05/2013
The Originals
1x01 Always and Forever03/10/2013
1x04 Girl in New Orleans22/10/2013
1x07 Bloodletting12/11/2013
1x12 Dance Back From the Grave28/01/2014
1x13 Crescent City04/02/2014
1x16 Farewell to Storyville11/03/2014
1x21 The Battle of New Orleans06/05/2014
2x02 Alive and Kicking13/10/2014
2x06 Wheel Inside the Wheel10/11/2014
2x12 Sanctuary02/02/2015
2x14 I Love You, Goodbye16/02/2015
2x21 Fire with Fire04/05/2015
3x01 For the Next Millennium08/10/2015
3x08 The Other Girl in New Orleans03/12/2015
3x12 Dead Angels12/02/2016
3x19 No More Heartbreaks29/04/2016
4x01 Gather Up the Killers17/03/2017
4x13 The Feast of All Sinners23/06/2017
The Crossing
1x10 The Androcles Option09/06/2018