Michael Lembeck

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 25 juin 1948 (74 ans) • New York, État de New York (États-Unis)

Époux de Lorna Patterson (depuis 1990)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Acteur | Films

Année Film Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1981 On the Right Track Frank Biscardi
1979 Ne tirez pas sur le dentiste (The In-Laws) Tommy Ricardo
1978 Les Boys de la compagnie C (The Boys in Company C) Vinnie Fazio
Moyenne de tous ses films8.5

Acteur | Séries

Année Série Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1992 Dingue de toi (Mad About You) M. Shapiro
1977 La croisière s'amuse (The Love Boat) Joey
1977 La croisière s'amuse (The Love Boat) Nicholas Nelson
1977 La croisière s'amuse (The Love Boat) Bill Burgess
1977 La croisière s'amuse (The Love Boat) Chip Ryan
1975 Au fil des jours (1975) (One Day at a Time (1975)) Max Horvath
Moyenne de toutes ses séries12.69
Juste en tant que principal ou secondaire16

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

Over the Top
1x04 Who's Afraid of Simon Ferguson?00/00/0000
1x05 The Review00/00/0000
1x06 Simon, We Hardly Knew Ye00/00/0000
1x07 It's Gwen's Party and Hadley'll Cry If She Wants To00/00/0000
1x08 The Bee Story00/00/0000
1x09 Acting Out00/00/0000
1x10 The Southern Story00/00/0000
1x11 Fight Night at the Metropolitan00/00/0000
1x01 I'm Bonnie, I'm Clyde21/10/1997
1x02 The Kernel28/10/1997
1x03 The Nemesis04/11/1997
Major Dad
1x16 Jr.29/01/1990
1x17 Major Coach05/02/1990
1x23 See the Bridge30/04/1990
1x25 Face the Music ... and Dance, pt. 114/05/1990
1x26 Face the Music ... and Dance, pt. 221/05/1990
2x01 Safe at First Base17/09/1990
2x02 Welcome to Hollister24/09/1990
2x03 Get a Job01/10/1990
2x04 The Goat08/10/1990
2x05 First Anniversary15/10/1990
2x06 Wetting Down22/10/1990
2x07 Infant-ry29/10/1990
2x09 Wish You Were Here12/11/1990
2x10 Love on the Run19/11/1990
2x11 Operation Fun Run26/11/1990
2x12 Gift of the Major19/12/1990
2x15 Learning to Drive21/01/1991
2x16 The Name is Over Here04/02/1991
2x18 Sins of the Father18/02/1991
2x19 The Possible Dream25/02/1991
2x20 Private Affair11/03/1991
2x21 Polly's Choice18/03/1991
2x22 Silent Drill Team08/04/1991
2x23 Elmo Come Home29/04/1991
3x02 Major Moonlighting23/09/1991
3x03 Polly's Pen Pal30/09/1991
3x04 A Few Good Men07/10/1991
3x05 Poker Night14/10/1991
3x06 Anything You Can Do I Can Do Perky21/10/1991
3x07 Educating Casey28/10/1991
3x10 Steel Magnolia18/11/1991
3x11 On the Line25/11/1991
3x12 The Shell Game09/12/1991
3x15 Three's a Crowd13/01/1992
3x16 Three Angry Marines20/01/1992
3x17 Close Encounters03/02/1992
3x18 Base Desires24/02/1992
3x20 The "L" Word09/03/1992
3x23 The Noisy Drill Team04/05/1992
3x24 In the Brick of Time11/05/1992
4x03 Here's Looking at You, Pol16/10/1992
4x08 One for the Road20/11/1992
4x12 I'll Be Seeing You15/01/1993
4x13 Night School22/01/1993
4x14 Piano Lesson29/01/1993
4x15 Come Rain or Come Shine05/02/1993
4x16 Colonel of Truth12/02/1993
4x17 From Russia with Like19/02/1993
4x18 The Spell of Grease Paint05/03/1993
4x19 Gunny Gets Robbed12/03/1993
4x20 Conduct Unbecoming02/04/1993
Mad About You (Dingue de toi)
2x23 Up All Night12/05/1994
3x17 Mad Without You23/02/1995
3x18 Purseona09/03/1995
3x19 Two Tickets to Paradise30/03/1995
3x20 Money Changes Everything27/04/1995
3x21 Cake Fear04/05/1995
3x22 My Boyfriend's Back11/05/1995
3x23 Up in Smoke (1)18/05/1995
3x24 Up in Smoke (2)18/05/1995
4x03 The Test08/10/1995
5x01 Dr. Wonderful17/09/1996
5x02 The Grant24/09/1996
5x03 Therapy15/10/1996
5x04 The Clip Show22/10/1996
5x05 Burt's Building29/10/1996
5x06 Jamie's Parents12/11/1996
5x09 The Gym17/12/1996
5x20 The Dry Run29/04/1997
5x21 Guardianhood06/05/1997
6x11 Good Old Reliable Nathan13/01/1998
6x16 The Coin of Destiny24/03/1998
6x18 The Baby Video14/04/1998
7x01 Season Opener22/09/1998
7x15 Murray at the Dog Show26/04/1999
1x16 The One with Two Parts (1)23/02/1995
1x17 The One with Two Parts (2)23/02/1995
2x01 The One with Ross's New Girlfriend21/09/1995
2x02 The One with the Breast Milk28/09/1995
2x12 The One After the Super Bowl (1)28/01/1996
2x13 The One After the Super Bowl (2)28/01/1996
2x15 The One Where Ross and Rachel...You Know08/02/1996
2x16 The One Where Joey Moves Out15/02/1996
2x17 The One Where Eddie Moves In22/02/1996
2x18 The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies21/03/1996
2x19 The One Where Eddie Won't Go28/03/1996
2x20 The One Where Old Yeller Dies04/04/1996
2x21 The One with the Bullies25/04/1996
2x22 The One with the Two Parties02/05/1996
2x23 The One with the Chicken Pox09/05/1996
2x24 The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding16/05/1996
3x21 The One with a Chick and a Duck17/04/1997
4x16 The One with the Fake Party19/03/1998
4x17 The One with the Free Porn26/03/1998
5x14 The One Where Everybody Finds Out11/02/1999
6x15 The One That Could Have Been (1)17/02/2000
6x16 The One That Could Have Been (2)17/02/2000
6x21 The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad27/04/2000
7x02 The One with Rachel's Book12/10/2000
Hope & Gloria
1x13 A Midsummer Night's Trim07/09/1995
2x02 Dumb & Smarter01/10/1995
2x04 Love in the Afternoon29/10/1995
2x05 Manager and Woman05/11/1995
2x08 Money You Should Mention03/12/1995
2x09 Consenting Adults10/12/1995
2x12 The Man Upstairs13/01/1996
2x19 Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Funicular06/04/1996
NewsRadio (Infos FM)
2x05 The Shrink07/11/1995
2x06 Friends14/11/1995
2x07 Bill's Autobiography21/11/1995
The Naked Truth (Une fille à scandales)
1x19 Man Loses Load While Woman Can't Dump!21/02/1996
Everybody Loves Raymond (Tout le monde aime Raymond)
1x01 Pilot13/09/1996
1x11 Captain Nemo22/11/1996
1x10 Turkey or Fish13/12/1996
1x13 Debra's Sick20/12/1996
1x16 Diamonds21/02/1997
4x07 Harold and Ellen06/11/1996
Chicago Sons (Nés à Chicago)
1x03 Butkus, Live!22/01/1997
1x12 It's a Mezzner25/06/1997
Two Guys and a Girl (Un toit pour trois)
2x01 Two Guys, a Girl and Someone Better23/09/1998
2x02 Two Guys, a Girl and a Vacation30/09/1998
2x04 Two Guys, a Girl and a Homecoming14/10/1998
2x06 Two Guys, a Girl and a Psycho Halloween28/10/1998
2x12 Two Guys, a Girl and a Christmas Story16/12/1998
2x13 Two Guys, a Girl and a Gamble06/01/1999
2x18 Two Guys, a Girl and Ashley's Return (2)10/03/1999
2x22 Two Guys, a Girl and an Engagement (1)26/05/1999
3x01 A New Hope (2)22/09/1999
3x02 Au Revoir Pizza Place29/09/1999
3x03 Teacher's Pet Peeve06/10/1999
3x04 Career Day13/10/1999
3x07 Berg's New Roommate03/11/1999
3x08 Foul Play10/11/1999
3x13 Out With the Old05/01/2000
3x16 A Rookie Script09/02/2000
3x19 Love Shack22/03/2000
3x20 War Stories29/03/2000
3x23 The Undercard19/04/2000
4x18 Make Mine Tea07/03/2001
4x21 Should I Stay or Should I Go?16/05/2001
4x22 The Internet Show16/05/2001
1x11 The Best Deal Possible14/01/1999
1x20 Momma Was a Rollin Stone18/03/1999
Stark Raving Mad
1x11 Christmas Cheerleader16/12/1999
1x12 The Crush06/01/2000
1x14 The Hypnotist03/02/2000
Off Centre (Sexe et dépendances)
1x03 A Stroke of Genius28/10/2001
According to Jim
1x07 Cheryl's Old Flame14/11/2001
1x05 Liquid Courage06/08/2007
1x04 Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser03/09/2007
Baby Daddy
1x01 Pilot20/06/2012
1x02 I Told You So27/06/2012
1x03 The Nurse and the Curse11/07/2012
1x04 Guys, Interrupted18/07/2012
1x05 Married to the Job25/07/2012
1x07 May the Best Friend Win08/08/2012
1x08 The Daddy Whisperer15/08/2012
1x09 A Wheeler Family Christmas Outing22/08/2012
1x10 Something Borrowed, Something Ben29/08/2012
2x01 I'm Not That Guy29/05/2013
2x03 The Wheeler and the Dealer12/06/2013
2x05 The Slump19/06/2013
2x06 Ben's Big Gaycare Adventure26/06/2013
2x07 On The Lamb-y10/07/2013
2x08 Never Ben in Love17/07/2013
2x09 All’s Flair in Love and War24/07/2013
2x10 Test Anxiety31/07/2013
2x11 Whatever Lola Wants07/08/2013
2x12 The Christening14/08/2013
2x13 All Riled Up21/08/2013
2x14 The Emma Dilemma28/08/2013
2x15 Surprise!04/09/2013
2x16 Emma’s First Christmas11/12/2013
3x01 The Naked Truth15/01/2014
3x02 The Lying Game22/01/2014
3x03 Lights! Camera! No Action!29/01/2014
3x04 Bonnie's Unreal Estate05/02/2014
3x05 Life's a Beach12/02/2014
3x06 Romancing the Phone26/02/2014
3x07 The Bet05/03/2014
3x08 A Knight to Remember12/03/2014
3x09 Go Brit or Go Home19/03/2014
3x10 An Affair Not To Remember26/03/2014
3x11 The Wingmom02/04/2014
3x12 Send in the Clowns09/04/2014
3x13 Play It Again, Bonnie16/04/2014
3x14 Livin' on a Prom23/04/2014
3x15 From Here to Paternity30/04/2014
3x16 Curious Georgie07/05/2014
3x17 Flirty Dancing14/05/2014
3x18 Baby Steps28/05/2014
3x19 Foos It or Lose It04/06/2014
3x20 All Aboard the Love Train11/06/2014
3x21 You Can't Go Home Again18/06/2014
4x01 Strip or Treat22/10/2014
4x02 It's A Wonderful Emma10/12/2014
4x03 She Loves Me, She Loves Me Note14/01/2015
4x04 I See Crazy People21/01/2015
4x05 Mugging For The Camera28/01/2015
4x06 Over My Dead Bonnie04/02/2015
4x07 The Mother of All Dates11/02/2015
4x08 House of Cards18/02/2015
4x09 An Officer and a Gentle Ben25/02/2015
4x10 Happy Birthday Two You04/03/2015
4x11 You Give Real Estate A Bad Name11/03/2015
4x12 A Love/Fate Relationship18/03/2015
4x13 Home is Where the Wheeler Is03/06/2015
4x14 It Takes A Village Idiot10/06/2015
4x15 One Night Stand Off17/06/2015
4x16 Lowering The Bar24/06/2015
4x17 Wheeler War01/07/2015
4x18 Parental Guidance08/07/2015
4x19 Ring Around The Party15/07/2015
4x20 Till Dress Do Us Part22/07/2015
4x21 What Happens In Vegas29/07/2015
4x22 It's A Nice Day For A Wheeler Wedding05/08/2015
5x01 Love and Carriage03/02/2016
5x02 Reinventing the Wheeler10/02/2016
5x03 Ben-geance17/02/2016
5x04 The Tuck Stops Here24/02/2016
5x05 The Dating Game02/03/2016
5x06 Never Ben Jealous09/03/2016
5x07 The Return of the Mommy16/03/2016
5x08 Room-mating23/03/2016
5x09 Stupid Cupid30/03/2016
5x10 Homecoming and Going06/04/2016
5x11 Trial By Liar01/06/2016
5x12 Ben-semination08/06/2016
5x13 High School Diplomacy15/06/2016
5x14 Not So Great Grandma22/06/2016
5x15 Unholy Matrimony29/06/2016
5x16 Double Date Double Down06/07/2016
5x17 The Love Seat13/07/2016
5x18 She Said, Ben Said20/07/2016
5x19 Condom Conundrum27/07/2016
5x20 My Fair Emma03/08/2016
6x01 To Elle and Back13/03/2017
6x02 Pro and Con20/03/2017
6x03 Ben Rides a Unicorn27/03/2017
6x04 A Mother of a Day03/04/2017
6x05 When Elle Freezes Over10/04/2017
6x06 The Third Wheeler17/04/2017
6x07 The Sonny-Moon24/04/2017
6x08 You Cruise, You Lose01/05/2017
One Day at a Time (2017) (Au fil des jours (2017))
1x10 Sex Talk06/01/2017