Michael Foley

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Époux de Jennifer Crystal Foley (depuis 2000)

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

1x13 The Reason00/00/0000
1x06 Xerxes27/10/2010
American Dreams (Mes plus belles années)
1x18 The One16/03/2003
2x11 Beyond the Wire11/01/2004
2x17 Chasing the Past21/03/2004
3x08 One in a Million14/11/2004
Invasion (2005)
1x14 All God's Creatures08/02/2006
1x17 The Key15/03/2006
1x20 Run and Gun03/05/2006
What About Brian
2x06 What About What Was Supposed to Be...20/11/2006
2x15 What About Temptations...19/02/2007
1x05 Brotherhood23/10/2007
Brothers & Sisters
3x04 Everything Must Go19/10/2008
3x11 A Father Dreams04/01/2009
3x15 Lost and Found15/02/2009
3x18 Taking Sides08/03/2009
3x22 Julia26/04/2009
4x04 From France With Love18/10/2009
4x08 The Wine Festival15/11/2009
4x09 Pregnant Pause29/11/2009
4x14 The Pasadena Primary31/01/2010
4x21 Where There's Smoke…25/04/2010
1x04 Up In Flames11/10/2011
1x09 Golden Bird15/11/2011
1x15 The Following Sea14/02/2012
1x18 The Comeback20/03/2012
2x06 Illusion04/11/2012
2x16 Illumination17/03/2013
2x21 Truth, Part One12/05/2013
How to Get Away with Murder (Murder)
1x06 Freakin' Whack-a-Mole30/10/2014
1x09 Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me20/11/2014
1x14 The Night Lila Died26/02/2015
2x06 Two Birds, One Millstone29/10/2015
2x09 What Did We Do?19/11/2015
2x13 Something Bad Happened03/03/2016
3x09 Who's Dead?17/11/2016
1x04 The Captain30/09/2018
1x09 Candace04/11/2018
2x02 Just the Tip26/12/2019