Michael Chang

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Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2012 Superman contre l'élite (Superman vs. The Elite) 76
2006 Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo76
Moyenne de tous ses films14.02

Réalisation de séries

Teen Titans (Teen Titans : Les Jeunes Titans)
1x01 Final Exam19/07/2003
1x06 Nevermore30/08/2003
1x09 Masks20/09/2003
1x11 Apprentice (1)04/10/2003
1x12 Apprentice (2)11/10/2003
2x05 Fear Itself07/02/2004
2x08 Titan Rising28/02/2004
2x11 Fractured07/08/2004
3x01 Deception28/08/2004
3x04 Crash18/09/2004
3x07 Revolution16/10/2004
3x10 Can I Keep Him?06/11/2004
3x13 Titans East (2)22/01/2005
4x03 Birthmark05/02/2005
4x06 Troq09/05/2005
4x09 Overdrive18/06/2005
4x12 The End (2)09/07/2005
5x01 Homecoming (1)24/09/2005
5x04 For Real15/10/2005
5x07 Hide and Seek11/11/2005
5x10 Go17/12/2005
5x13 Things Change16/01/2006
Young Justice (La Ligue des justiciers : Nouvelle Génération)
1x05 Schooled04/02/2011
1x07 Denial18/02/2011
1x09 Bereft11/03/2011
1x12 Homefront30/09/2011
1x14 Revelation14/10/2011
1x17 Disordered11/11/2011
1x19 Misplaced03/03/2012
1x22 Agendas24/03/2012
1x24 Performance07/04/2012
1x26 Auld Acquaintance21/04/2012
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) (Les Tortues Ninja)
1x01 Rise of the Turtles (Part 1)28/09/2012
1x02 Rise of the Turtles (Part 2)29/09/2012
1x05 I Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman20/10/2012
1x08 Never Say Xever10/11/2012
1x11 Mousers Attack! (FKA Mouserthon)08/12/2012
1x13 I, Monster (FKA Rat Trap)25/01/2013
1x17 TCRI01/03/2013
1x20 Enemy of My Enemy12/04/2013
1x23 Parasitica20/07/2013
1x24 Operation: Break Out27/07/2013
2x02 Invasion of the Squirrelanoids19/10/2013
2x06 Target: April O'Neil23/11/2013
2x08 The Good, The Bad, and Casey Jones02/02/2014
2x13 The Manhattan Project14/03/2014
2x14 Wormquake !27/04/2014
2x15 Mazes & Mutants27/04/2014
2x19 The Wrath of Tiger Claw08/06/2014
2x21 Plan 1022/06/2014
2x25 The Invasion26/09/2014
3x02 A Foot Too Big10/10/2014
3x04 The Croaking07/11/2014
3x07 Eyes Of The Chimera11/01/2015
3x10 Serpent Hunt01/02/2015
3x12 Battle for New York (Part 1)15/03/2015
3x16 Clash Of The Mutanimals03/05/2015
3x19 Turtles In Time02/08/2015
3x22 The Creeping Doom23/08/2015
3x24 Dinosaur Seen In Sewers!20/09/2015
4x02 The Moons of Thalos 301/11/2015
4x05 Riddle Of The Ancient Aeons10/01/2016
4x08 The War For Dimension X31/01/2016
4x11 Revenge Of The Triceratons03/04/2016
4x14 Earth's Last Stand24/04/2016
4x17 The Insecta Trifecta28/08/2016
Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (Kipo et l'âge des Animonstres)
2x07 Benson and the Beast12/06/2020
2x10 Heroes on Fire12/06/2020
3x03 A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing12/10/2020
3x06 It's a Trap12/10/2020
3x09 Prahmises12/10/2020