Mark Torgove

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Big Wolf on Campus (Le Loup-garou du campus)
1x19 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow20/08/1999
Spin City
5x09 The Burgers of Wrath13/12/2000
5x12 Hey Judith17/01/2001
5x18 You've Got Male25/04/2001
5x22 A Shot in the Dark (1)23/05/2001
6x05 Yet Another Stakeout16/10/2001
6x07 Sleeping with the Enemy06/11/2001
6x10 Fight Flub20/11/2001
6x14 Rags to Riches05/03/2002
Just Shoot Me! (Voilà !)
7x19 The Last Temptation of Elliott09/08/2003
George Lopez (Une famille du tonnerre)
4x18 George Watcha's Out For Jason01/03/2005
5x03 George's Dog Days of Bummer12/10/2005
5x11 George is Being Elfish and Christ-misses His Family14/12/2005
5x17 George Doesn't' Trustee Angie's Brother01/03/2006
Dr. Ken
1x04 Kevin O'Connell23/10/2015