Mark Tinker

Né le 16 janvier 1951 à Stamford, Connecticut (Etats-Unis) (69 ans)

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Époux de Chandra West (depuis 2005)

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
2009 Inside the Box (TV)N-C

Réalisation de séries

ER (Urgences)
1x03 Going Home29/09/1994
NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues)
2x03 Cop Suey25/10/1994
2x13 Travels with Andy14/02/1995
2x18 Innuendo04/04/1995
2x22 A.D.A. Sipowicz23/05/1995
3x01 E.R.24/10/1995
3x05 Dirty Laundry21/11/1995
3x10 The Backboard Jungle16/01/1996
3x14 The Nutty Confessor20/02/1996
3x18 We Was Robbed02/04/1996
3x20 A Death in the Family07/05/1996
4x01 Moby Greg15/10/1996
4x03 Yes, We Have No Cannolis29/10/1996
4x04 Where's 'Swaldo?12/11/1996
4x11 Alice Doesn't Fit Here Anymore14/01/1997
5x01 As Flies to Careless Boys Are We to the Gods / This Bud's for You30/09/1997
5x03 Three Girls and a Baby14/10/1997
5x12 A Box of Wendy13/01/1998
5x17 Speak For Yourself, Bruce Clayton24/03/1998
5x20 Hammer Time05/05/1998
6x01 Top Gum20/10/1998
6x03 Numb & Number10/11/1998
6x06 Danny Boy01/12/1998
6x18 Mister Roberts27/04/1999
6x22 Safe Home25/05/1999
7x01 Loogie Nights11/01/2000
7x03 The Man with Two Right Shoes25/01/2000
7x08 Everybody Plays the Mule23/02/2000
7x16 Goodbye Charlie18/04/2000
7x22 The Last Round Up23/05/2000
8x01 Daveless in New York09/01/2001
8x03 Franco, My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn23/01/2001
8x09 Oh Golly Goth06/03/2001
8x16 Everyone Into the Poole24/04/2001
8x20 In the Wind22/05/2001
9x01 Lie Like a Rug (1)06/11/2001
9x05 Cops and Robber27/11/2001
9x17 Gypsy Woe's Me26/03/2002
9x19 Low Blow30/04/2002
9x22 Better Laid Than Never (1)21/05/2002
9x23 Better Laid Than Never (2)21/05/2002
10x01 Ho Down24/09/2002
10x06 Maya Con Dios29/10/2002
10x07 Das Boots12/11/2002
10x16 Nude Awakening25/02/2003
10x22 22 Skidoo20/05/2003
11x01 Frickin' Fraker23/09/2003
11x12 Chatty Chatty Bang Bang02/03/2004
11x15 Old Yeller23/03/2004
11x20 Traylor Trash27/04/2004
11x22 Who's Your Daddy?11/05/2004
12x03 Great Balls of Ire12/10/2004
12x04 Divorce Detective Style19/10/2004
12x09 The 3-H Club30/11/2004
12x15 La Bomba25/01/2005
12x20 Moving Day01/03/2005
Grey's Anatomy
2x05 Bring The Pain23/10/2005
2x27 Losing My Religion15/05/2006
4x13 Piece of My Heart01/05/2008
3x01 Tell Your God to Ready for Blood11/06/2006
3x10 A Constant Throb13/08/2006
3x12 Tell Him Something Pretty27/08/2006
John from Cincinnati
1x01 His Visit: Day One10/06/2007
1x03 His Visit: Day Two Continued24/06/2007
Private Practice
1x01 In Which We Meet Addison, a Nice Girl from Somewhere Else26/09/2007
1x03 In Which Addison Finds The Magic10/10/2007
1x08 In Which Cooper Finds a Port in His Storm21/11/2007
2x01 A Family Thing01/10/2008
2x08 Crime and Punishment03/12/2008
2x12 Homeward Bound15/01/2009
2x16 Ex-Life12/02/2009
2x19 What Women Want19/03/2009
3x01 A Death in the Family01/10/2009
3x07 The Hard Part12/11/2009
3x10 Blowups03/12/2009
3x16 Fear of Flying04/03/2010
3x22 In the Name of Love06/05/2010
4x01 Take Two23/09/2010
4x02 Short Cuts30/09/2010
4x09 Can't Find My Way Back Home18/11/2010
4x14 Home Again17/02/2011
4x20 Something Old, Something New05/05/2011
4x22 Change The Things I Can19/05/2011
5x01 God Laughs29/09/2011
5x04 Remember Me20/10/2011
5x08 Who We Are17/11/2011
5x13 The Time Has Come02/02/2012
5x16 Andromeda23/02/2012
6x01 Aftershock25/09/2012
6x08 Life Support04/12/2012
6x13 In Which We Say Goodbye22/01/2013
Off the Map (Off the Map : Urgences au bout du monde)
1x02 Smile. Don't Kill Anyone19/01/2011
2x04 Beltway Unbuckled25/10/2012
2x14 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot14/02/2013
2x21 Any Questions?09/05/2013
Chicago P.D. (Chicago Police Department)
1x04 Now Is Always Temporary29/01/2014
1x07 The Price We Pay05/03/2014
1x12 8:30 PM (2)30/04/2014
1x15 A Beautiful Friendship21/05/2014
4x01 The Silos21/09/2016
4x06 Some Friend09/11/2016